What is Pickleball?

Does Pickleball seem familiar to you? Somewhere in your past, you think you have seen it, read about it, or played it. Maybe at camp or in elementary school. Do you think of it as tennis plus badminton plus racquetball plus ping-pong? Good news! You're not that far off because it's actually all of them together . . . plus more! And it may be a relatively new sport, but it has a standard and accepted set of rules. It also has a formal Pickleball association with an annual (and very exciting) championship!

Pickleball is played both indoors and outdoors on a surface similar to a tennis court, only more comparable in size to a badminton court.

It uses a hard paddle - bigger than the ones used in ping-pong - with a ball softer than those used in racquetball matches. The scoring is very traditional with the game one when the first team reaches eleven points. Anyone can play Pickleball from youth to seniors, singles, doubles, men, women, and mixed teams. As long as you have a paddle and a little desire, you can play.

How Do I Get Started . . .

The best way to start your Pickleball career is to watch a few matches. Just seeing people play will give you a sense of what the game entails and most likely, give you a sense of confidence that you can play this game! Once you finish watching from the sidelines, it's now time to suit up, get dressed in your everyday workout clothes, and consider buying or borrowing a Pickleball paddle.

The paddle is really the only piece of equipment that you will need as a novice Player. The low equipment need makes this game even more attractive.

Next, time to find a Pickleball game. Your local YMCA or college campus may be your best bet. The growth of Pickleball at these types of venues has been phenomenal over the past several years.

A quick call or visit should produce great results in helping you find a Pickleball group or an open game.

Pickleball is the type of sport that guides individuals to join at a beginning, intermediate, or expert level - depending upon experience. If you believe that you are more than a beginner but less than an expert, you may want to start at the intermediate level.

If you find that you need to move up or down - depending on your athletic ability, you can do so!

As long as you have the desire and a paddle, Pickleball can be a game for you. Check it out now! There is a Pickleball group waiting for you to join!