On the 3rd of January, Michael Schumacher had his 48th anniversary, but there were few reasons for celebration. With a little over 3 years since his tragic accident in the french alps, the controversy revolving around Schumacher's recovery is still there. The German ex-Formula 1 pilot is following a grueling recovery process at his residence near Geneve, Switzerland.

Recently, the former manager and the one who carefully guided Schumacher throughout a two decades career stated that the current situation is unfortunate and the fans should be given more information on how their idol's recovery process evolves.

Willi Webber had a great run alongside Schumacher

The partnership between Webber and Schumacher goes back in the early 90s when the young pilot was about to make a name for himself. The 74-years-old former manager did a lot for Schumacher being one of the artisans of the young pilot's debut on Formula 1. It was the season of 1991 when Michael made his Formula 1 first appearance at the Belgian Grand Prix.

With Webber on his corner, Schumacher became one of the greatest racing drivers in history having won 7 World titles.

According to Willis, their partnership eventually ended, and when Schumacher returned from retirement back in 2010 to compete for Mercedes team, he was not there anymore being replaced by Sabine Kehm.

The secrecy did nothing but to stir things up

It's been three years since Schumacher had that horrific accident while skiing in the French Alps. There were days when media totally went wild, especially in the following days of the tragic event when Schumacher was receiving professional health care in a hospital in Grenoble, France.

Once he was stabilized, he was transferred to his home in Switzerland, while the secrecy remained the same. Some say that it's a matter of privacy and everyone should be able to understand how delicate the situation is.

On the other side, some like Willis Webber backed a different point of view in which fans play a bigger role. Having Webber on this side of the scale gives sort of legitimacy to the cause.