The Houston Rockets currently sit four games back of the San Antonio Spurs in the NBA's Southwest Division. That is, in fact, a large lead given how consistent the stronger teams in the league can be when it comes to posting victories. However, even if the Spurs don't lose enough down the stretch to yield top spot in the division, the Rockets are looking dangerous for the post-season. In recent news, Houston acquired Lou Williams, now formerly of the Los Angeles Lakers.

One source reporting on the news is Jonathan Feigen of "The Houston Chronicle." In a February 21st article, he stated: "The Rockets reached an agreement with the Lakers to acquire Williams in exchange for Corey Brewer and a first-round pick." The deal has been touted as a good one for the Rockets, mainly because of the depth that Williams adds as a strong scorer off of the bench (Feigen).

Lou Williams' career biography

Lou Williams is 30 years old as of October of 2016. He has become a bit of a journeyman in the NBA in recent seasons with Houston becoming the fifth overall team that he will have played for. However, he did stay for a long stint in Philadelphia to start his career. Before playing in the NBA, Williams only played in high school (ie. no college). He was a 2nd-round pick in the 2005 NBA Draft, selected 45th overall by the 76ers.

In Los Angeles this season he is averaging 18.6 points per game despite the fact that he only has one start to date this season.

He has been noted by many as a high-scoring player for a substitute. Furthermore. this season he is enjoying a career-best three-point shooting percentage of .386.

Betting odds on the Houston Rockets

Immediately following the news on the Houston Rockets, little has changed for them in the antepost market for the Western Conference.

However, Ladbrokes sportsbook did shorten the Rockets down to 14 to 1 to win their conference this season. The Golden State Warriors are still regarded as heavy favorites (10 to 33) while the San Antonio Spurs are the 2nd favorites (9 to 2). The NBA's trade deadline is quickly approaching (February 23rd at 3 pm ET) and it will be interesting to see if teams respond to this, stand pat, or if Houston try to add anything else.