Washington Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins has been the center of attention for the NFL team's offseason. Keeping him would be an expensive proposition due to them not giving him a multi-year deal in the past, and while the team supports the quarterback, they don't want to pay a lucrative long-term contract. Moving him would create a significant burden for the team as they would have to look for a new starting QB. However, Cousins has voiced his opinion on where he'd like to be traded should the franchise head in that direction.

What is Kirk Cousins' trade value?

With a franchise tag due on Wednesday afternoon, it's more than likely that the Redskins will pin him with it and continue negotiations. Both the team and Cousins aren't seeing eye-to-eye on a long-term deal. The quarterback is reportedly seeking a guaranteed contract of $53 million, and the Redskins don't want to pay that. If the team tags him, the QB will be worth $23.94 million for one year, and it'll be very hard to move him to a team that will have to sign him to a multi-year contract to get any value out of it.

However, one team may be able to get by without paying Cousins as much as he wants. Reports from multiple outlets on Tuesday morning revealed that he would only accept a tag-and-trade to the San Francisco 49ers.

This is likely due to the team hiring former Redskins offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan as the head coach. While instability has been a key issue for the 49ers with their fourth different head coach in as many years, they're in the position to look for a new starting quarterback as Colin Kaepernick has regressed over recent seasons.

Realistic options for Kirk Cousins, Redskins

Both Washington and their quarterback are in very intriguing situations. The Redskins could just apply the tag and let him play for another season, but that would be the most risky option. If the team struggles in a tough NFC East, Cousins could leave and join the 49ers the following season and the Redskins will get nothing for it.

Having a quarterback is obviously very essential in the NFL. Cousins will win regardless of what happens. Either the Redskins will cave with a long-term deal or he'll receive one with another football team, and the 49ers look very willing to build a team around him.