Donald Trump press conference

Donald Trump held his first press conference on Wednesday since he was elected to be the 45th President of the United States, after defeating candidate Hilary Clinton late last year in the US Presidential Election. Trump was followed by controversy everywhere he went, with his comments on immigration and Muslims leaving many upset with the business tycoon and his tactics. Many famous figures denounced Trump during his election campaign, and continue to do so to this day.

Despite Trump's issues with a host of celebrities (and in particular, the media's portrayal of him), the President-elect has received some more favorable coverage recently.

A story about how a working class family, who lost their son to war, received an invite to Trump's inauguration has recently come to light, and despite many of Trump's critics complaining about his "inaccuracies" in the past, political expert Steve Peoples reported that a comment made by Trump during Wednesday's press conference, thought by many to be false, has been confirmed to be true.

Claims made at press conference

During Wednesday's conference, the President-elect claimed that he had recently turned down a property deal in Dubai worth $2 billion dollars, as he didn't want to have any conflicts of interest following his election. Trump stated that the lucrative deal was an opportunity to work with an "amazing man" but that he had ultimately chosen to turn it down.

The man he was referencing is thought to be Hussain Sajwani, a property developer from the Middle East who acts as the chairman of Damac Properties Dubai Co. Trump already has two golf resort deals with the company in Dubai, which made him an estimated $10 million in 2015 and the start of 2016, according to his final disclosure filed last May.

The comments made by Trump led many to speculate on the accuracy of the President-elect's claims, however, Steve Peoples of the Associated Press stated that Damac Properties have confirmed that they offered $2 billion worth of deals to Trump's organization, which rejected them.

Trump will have a lot more work to do if he is going to change public opinion of him following his inauguration on January 20, however, the President-elect's opinions and behavior certainly seem to have improved since his victory over Hilary Clinton last year, as he tries to unite an extremely separated America.