The Los Angeles Clippers set to have Chris Paul back in their lineup

#Los Angeles Clippers shooting guard #Chris Paul is expected to soon make a comeback to competing after being sidelined for more than a month, according to ESPN. Paul injured his left thumb on the 16th of January and went under the knife two days later. The prognosis had the 31-year-old missing out four to six weeks. The nine-time NBA All-Star could return to the lineup on Thursday, when his team meets their big rivals -- the #Golden State Warriors. It was all revealed by Los Angeles Clippers head coach Doc Rivers before Wednesday's practice.

''He looked great. He went through the whole practice [on Tuesday]. You know, so it was good. Really good,'' Rivers said, as quoted by ESPN. ''He could play tomorrow. I mean, I can't tell you if he will or not, but he's been cleared medically. But we just want to make sure that he's comfortable playing.''

Should Paul be available on Thursday, it won't change anything that drastically. The star hasn't played a match in quite some time and he'll need some time to find his groove. Coach Rivers is expected to give Paul restricted minutes when he decided it's time to go.

Chris Paul wants to play, but he won't rush anything

For the #Los Angeles Clippers, having #Chris Paul back in its lineup makes it all a lot easier.

Paul is having another strong season, averaging 17.5 points, 9.7 assists and 5.3 rebounds per game on the season. His performances are an all around ones, and it's always a great thing to have a player of this caliber on a team.

The team's roster didn't change since Paul's injury, though they were recently rumored to be having an interesting in acquiring Wilson Chandler of the Denver Nuggets.

The NBA trade deadline will soon be closed, and if the team wants to add someone to its roster, they have no time to waste. Trading for small forward Chandler makes much sense, as the Clippers need an upgrade in that position.

Paul seemed to be in good spirits before Wednesday's practice. ''Thumb is getting better,'' he said.

''I'm excited to get out here and practice.''

It won't get any easier for LA after meeting Golden State, as they'll be clashing against the San Antonio Spurs on Friday. When Paul was asked if he felt an urgency to quicken his return knowing that they're set to meet next the Warriors and Spurs, he claimed it's not the case. Hearing that from Paul is a positive thing, as the team needs him healthy and ready if they want to have a shot at making it all the way this season. Without Paul, the Clippers basically have no chance at winning this year's NBA title.