March Madness is coming very soon and with the advent of the tournament come many questions. Which Teams on the tournament bubble could play their way in? And which teams are the national title contenders? But the most important question might be where each team will be seeded on selection Sunday. Let's take a look at where teams would be seeded if the tournament started today.

One Seeds: Kansas, Villanova, UNC, Gonzaga.

Gonzaga might have lost a home game to BYU, but that doesn't mean the team should drop off the top seed line. Gonzaga is still 29-1 and has a number of quality victories that justify their inclusion as a one seed.

Kansas would currently be rated as the top overall seed with an impressive 26-3 record in the very tough Big 12. Villanova is having another great season, and would easily be a one seed if the tournament started today. UNC leads the ACC and would be given a one seed if they win the tournament as predicted.

Two Seeds: UCLA, Louisville, Oregon, Arizona.

Three teams in this group are from the same exact conference, which speaks to the quality of the Pac-12 this season. UCLA managed to beat Arizona on the road last night, adding another quality victory to the resume of a team that currently leads the NCAA in scoring. Louisville may not be in first place in the ACC, but their quality victories and high standard of play make them worthy of the two line.

Oregon almost made it to the Final Four last season and Dana Altman's team is again having another solid year, although it's been a pretty nervewracking one.

Three Seeds: Cincinnati, Florida, Kentucky, Baylor.

For some reason, nobody seems interested in giving the Bearcats much credit. They currently hold a 25-3 record and have exactly zero bad losses.

It's hard to believe that the committee would give Cincinnati a five seed like Joe Lunardi predicts. Baylor might have been the number one team in the country at several points during the season, but they've lost the distinction multiple times and now have enough losses to drop off the two line. Both Florida and Kentucky have been dominant in the SEC and each has quality victories over a number of opponents. Both teams are well deserving of a three seed.