Budapest could withdraw from the bid to organize the Olympic Games. The petition of opponents of the project, gathered within the Momentum Movement, collected more than 266,000 signatures, paving the way for a local referendum.

Movement Momentum collects more than 266,000 signatures

After the withdrawal of Rome, soon another competitor less for Paris in the race for the organization of the Summer Olympics in 2024?. Budapest, the Hungarian capital, could decide next week about a possible withdrawal of its candidacy for the organization of the demonstration, opponents to the project gathered in the political movement Momentum having collected more than 266,000 signatures, which opens the Way to a local referendum, according to its president Andras Fekete-Gyor.

Budapest competes with Paris and Los Angeles

Istvan Tarlos, mayor of the city, had previously stated that he would seriously consider abandoning the project if such a consultation were to take place. Budapest is competing with Paris and Los Angeles for the organization of the Summer Olympics in 2024. The organizing city will be chosen in September in Lima by the International Olympic Committee.

The Hungarian government opposes the Momentum Movement

The Hungarian government and the municipality of the capital support Budapest's bid, but Momentum, formed by a group of students born around 1989, after the fall of communism, believes that the money spent on it would be better used for Projects in the fields of education and health.

Opposition and left-wing parties support 'No to the Olympics'

Momentum, which in its campaign of "no to the Olympics" got the support of the opposition and left-wing political parties, also judges that Hungary is not a prosperous country to embark on such an adventure. According to a poll carried out at the end of January and published last week by an information website, 51.95% of the inhabitants of Budapest are opposed to the holding of the Olympic Games in their city. They were 31.7% last September.