You have to give Tom Brady and his New England Patriots their proper respect. In the first overtime game played in the NFL, they came back from a 28-3 losing scenario in the third quarter to within 8 points of tying with five minutes remaining in the fourth quarter. The tie came with a 2 point conversion, to make the game 28 all, with less than 2 minutes of play. The winning touchdown came when Brady handed off to running back James White for a five-yard run off-tackle, with a final score of (34-28)

A fight from the beginning

The first quarter of the game was a stalemate.

Both teams had equal opportunities to score, that was because each team had three possessions of the ball, all ending in third down and long punting situations. The Falcon's young, talented, hungry defensive line stunned and surprised the New England offense with its quickness. And just as much, the impenetrable Force of the New England Patriots defensive line allowed very little yardage gain.

The second quarter came as a surprise to New England when Falcon's quarterback Matt Ryan showed the world what he was made of. He hit receiver Julio Jones twice, one for 23 yards and then again for 11 yards. He handed off to running back Evante Freeman for a 24-yard gain, and eventually the Falcons covered 73 yards in five plays.

Tailback Evante Freeman wound up scoring the first touchdown on a run off-tackle making the score (7-0)

While Brady struggled through his first possession in the second quarter. He had his passes broken up, he was sacked, and he had, and as a team, they gained very little yardage. The Falcon's Matt Ryan pressed on in his next possession, throwing a 20 yard pass to rookie Austin Hooper, making the score (14-0).

If things weren't bad enough, during New England's next possession, Brady suffered through the incomplete pass, broken plays, and short yardage gains.

Good luck turns bad

However, in a way, New England was fortunate. The Falcons were called for three consecutive holding penalties, which resulted in three first down opportunities.

Nonetheless, those chances fell to the way side when on a 3rd down and 6 yd. situation, it looked like Brady was forced to through a lob pass that was intercepted by the Falcon's defensive back, Robert Alford for an 82 yard TD which made the score (21-0). Nevertheless, with 2 minutes in the first half remaining, the Patriots had a little luck. They managed to put 3 points on the score board kicking a field. But it wasn't until after the half when they started to come out of the deep fog they were in.

Brady gets his bearings

The beginning of the second half wasn't too much different from the first; however there were subtle hints of New England getting their bearings and focus together on what they had to do as a team.

The Falcons went on to score one more time for a total of 28 points. And it wasn't until New England's second possession of downs in the third quarter when their fate changed. Tom Brady connected with one of his receivers for a TD. But in a missed attempt at a field goal, the score was 28-9. At this time New England seemed to be doomed, and even comments about Matt Ryan winning the MVP were discussed.

Unfortunately, a sack midway through the forth quarter by the Patriots linemen on Falcons QB Matt Ryan, put New England at a fortunate advantage, and from then on the game began to spark for Brady and his Patriots. Brady suddenly turned into the Super Bowl Hero that we all have known. He completed pass, after pass.

The whole team started to click, and all of a sudden, they performed like the champions that they knew they were. Then there was a pass thrown to Edelmann that was nearly intercepted. It had to be reviewed on instant replay camera and the play was accepted as being a legitimate catch. If these two incidents weren't the game-changing catalyst, they certainly played a part in this incredible comeback victory. New England went on to score 31 unanswered points.