Who's the best team in the NBA?

After Monday night's spanking in Cleveland, this is much is clear: It is definitely not LeBron James' Cleveland Cavaliers.

The Golden State Warriors beat the Cavs by a humiliating 32-point spread, 132-98. That blowout featured Steph Curry scoring 35 points, even though he sat out the fourth quarter. Andre Iguodala scored 20 as the Warriors pressed their advantage to as much as 43 before sitting the starters.

"They did what they wanted," LeBron said. He added that Monday showed just how far the Cavs have to go to win a championship.

Infinitely far.

The destruction comes just days after the San Antonio Spurs edged the Cavaliers on January 15, 99-95. Cleveland will not win the championship. Period.

But the 2015 champion Warriors do hear drumbeats. The Spurs, at 36-6, are only two games behind the 38-4 Warriors. After losing two in a row before the Cleveland rout, Golden State no longer looks superhuman.

And the Spurs, as Warrior Klay Thompson said, are a "monster."

The Titans will meet

The monster is coming to Oracle Arena in Oakland on Jan. 25 -- a game that will definitely be a match of the Titans. Or as Thompson says, "It’s going to be fun when we see them next week."

San Antonio showed what they are made of on Monday, as well, demolishing the Dallas Mavericks 112-83.

LeMarcus Aldridge scored 23 points. Tony Parker scored 18 points in the first half, and Kawhi Leonard scored 16 in the second half.

The Spurs have won 11 straight. It was the Spurs' thirty-third straight home victory, going back to last year, and they've won 11 of their wins this year by more than 25 points. The Spurs know how to bury the competition.

While the Spurs were the only team to win their series against the Warriors last year, and they look incredibly powerful, the Warriors served notice that when they're up, they are untouchable. And they will be up next Monday.

So will the Spurs.

Tickets for that game start at $160 on StubHub for a top-corner single seat to a whopping $3,750 for VIP courtside.

It will be one hell of a game.