This animated Spice Girls movie will be written by the duo of Karen McCullah and Kiwi Smith. They have Movies like “The House Bunny” and “Legally Blonde” to their credit. The plot of the movie is such that the team of five become superheroes. Simon Fuller, the music mogul of the 90s, will be the producer but the director has not yet been decided. Paramount Animation president Mireille Soria confided to a section of the media that the team is very much involved and the director will ensure a tightly knit film. The animated version will feature their original hits.

The Guardian reports that the animated Spice Girls movie will release in 2020. It will be another new cartoon that Paramount has in the pipeline. These include one on SpongeBob Squarepants film and another on “Jersey Crabs” which is a musical about warring crabs. However, the studio has not released much information about the Spice Girls movie and fans can keep guessing, especially with the return of Victoria Beckham into the fold.

An animated movie will be a welcome change

It was in 1994 that the Spice Girls came into the public eye. The Guardian says they had global success with their super hit songs that have sold 85m records worldwide.

The group can claim to be the bestselling female group of all time. They had kicked off a reunion tour last month but Victoria Beckham was not there. Of course, the other four went ahead with the tour. Incidentally, their first film was in 1997. It was a live-action comedy “Spice World” and it raked in $151m at the global box office.

It also made $100m in DVD sales. This too in spite of not too favorable reviews.

All five will be in the new movie

According to Mirror UK, Victoria Beckham will join the other four Mel B, Mel C, Geri Horner, and Emma Bunton and be a part of the animated movie on the Spice Girls.

Victoria did not accompany the others when they took a decision to go on another tour. However, the five will reunite for the new movie that Paramount is planning to release. It will be a follow up to their 1997 film “Spice World.” Paramount Animation president Mireille Soria is already on the job. She has confided that the Spice Girls "had an idea that we've been developing" and that they "are all very involved." Their reunion tour has come in for a lot of criticism related to pricing of tickets, a poor view and bad sound quality. It seems Scary Spice Mel B landed in a spat with a radio host. In her review of the band's Sunderland show, the radio host had accused them of miming during one of their concerts. The band played at the Stadium of Light and Scary Spice denied that the band were lip-synching. She tweeted: "FYI we don't mime pls correct yourself!! You guys are nice."