Maddie Logan is a county Music songwriter and singer who divides her time between Los Angeles and Nashville. Maddie has performed on stage and her music has been featured on radio stations across the country. Her most recent album is called “If It’s Not Forever” and it’s now being sold on iTunes.

Maddie discussed this album and more recently via an exclusive interview.

Lyrics, songs and the music industry

Meagan Meehan (MM): You started writing songs when you were very young, so what topics were your first lyrics centered around?

Maddie Logan (ML): My first songs were about resilience, being yourself, dreaming big, and first crushes.

At 9 most of the music I knew was from Disney, so I go back and can see how much my music was inspired by their themes.

MM: What can you tell us about the album you’re presently working on and what makes these new songs different from your past work?

ML: The biggest difference is that the majority of my upcoming songs will be solely written by me. I love the intimacy of an artist writing an entire song, you know every word is coming from them and their thoughts and dreams.

MM: How have you managed to break into the extraordinarily competitive music industry and which genres do you most enjoy writing music for—and singing—for?

ML: It’s all just working hard and meeting the right people who help take you a step further.

My favorite genre to write and sing and listen to is country, hands down. I love the natural sound, the storytelling, the emphasis on songwriting, and that it’s about real people and life’s true struggles and simple pleasures.

MM: How did you get the opportunity to partake in big gigs and work with some A-list celebrity singers in the process?

ML: I’ve been very blessed with great opportunities thanks to people around me who believe in me. I am very thankful for all I’ve gotten to do.

Hobbies, creative content and career

MM: Hobby-wise, what do you do in your spare time?

ML: My hobbies outside of music include baking, shopping, fishing, watching superhero movies, going to Disneyland, and spending time with friends and family.

MM: How do you intend to evolve expand your creative content—and overall career—in 2019?

ML: I intend to hopefully continue to build my social media following; I’m always working on that. Also, I have been learning the production side of music so I’m really excited to be able to be even more hands on with my songs.

MM: What are your biggest dreams regarding your profession singing and songwriting and what new and exciting projects are on the horizon in 2019 that you want to discuss?

ML: My biggest dream is to win a CMA award and get to perform at the Grand Ole Opry. Although, I really just aspire to be able to make money doing what I love, which is music. My new project for 2019 are new singles and I’m SO excited to release songs that I feel are unique and that I’m proud of.

I tell my life through my songs so I feel like I’m going to be releasing my diary haha, but it’s how I tell the world how I feel. I’m going to be getting more personal than ever, and I cannot wait for ya’ll to hear everything that’s in store!