All three tiers of Netflix's subscription tiers are being raised as the streaming platform focuses more on its own original programming. In the beginning, Netflix served all your streaming needs, it was a monopoly, but customers seemed okay with it. CNN first confirmed the impending price hike by the streaming giant.

Now, in 2019, it seems like there are a countless number of streaming services available or coming around the corner. While some are not as content-rich as Netflix, those companies are home to many of the streaming services most-watched shows.

With other companies launching streaming services soon, many of these shows and movies currently available will be forever removed from the service.

Netflix price hike supports increase of content

CNET reports that Netflix is preparing for these changes by turning focus toward original content. There are hundreds of hours of original content that is developed by Netflix and will remain in its library forever. While Netflix has not specifically said what is driving the price increase, the price has risen over the past few years. Netflix's top-tier will now cost subscribers $13 a month.

Thirteen dollars is the rate for the top-service tier, which allows streamers to watch two HD streams on two devices at the same time.

Netflix Chief Product Officer, Greg Peters, says the company has the right to raise prices to continue delivering the streaming service. The new revenue will be invested back into the model.

Netflix users defending price hikes

Price hikes are just another way that proves nothing stays the same low price forever. Netflix supporters also argue that Netflix provides endless content.

You'll never be able to watch half of it for what you're being charged. What subscribers are also noticing is that the most popular offerings on the service are disappearing, and while Netflix has created some breakout hits, it's unclear whether it will have the strength to continue in the face of increasing competition. Disney+ is reclaiming some of its content that is currently on Netflix, and will also have a library of old and new original content.

The price for Disney+ has not been confirmed, but if it's lower than Netflix, it could steal away customers from Netflix, as well as from other major competitors. With plans already announced for Disney+ Marvel-based original content, it could become the next big streaming platform.