Former Marvel director James Gunn is having his turn at directing a "Suicide Squad," while the original did not receive much fanfare, Collider reports James Gunn appears to be rebooting the storyline, and it's doubtful he will keep many of the original cast members.

The "Suicide Squad" has become one of the more successful stories in the DCEU, while they released a misleading trailer, and little fanfare, it managed to become a box office hit. While the movie was seen as a disaster, certain parts were salvageable. Strong performances by Will Smith as Deadshot, Viola Davis, and Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn were highly praised.

Robbie might have even earned herself several Movies as Quinn.

New "Suicide Squad" potential reboot or sequel

While not much is known about the film, it could be a sequel, but Gunn would have to look at what worked and what didn't. This appears to be the plan, as the studio hinted at the fact that Jared Leto was expected to return as The Joker, despite his few appearances and lackluster performance.

The "Guardians of The Galaxy" director was let go by Marvel and Disney after some old controversial tweets surfaced and received new attention. As Disney and Marvel saw a concern, Warner Bros. and DC saw it as a new opportunity. DC immediately hired him to write the new "Suicide Squad" after Gavin O'Connor exited.

Fans have wondered whether Gunn would bring a whole new story to the franchise or just rejuvenize the current storyline.

"Suicide Squad" will be directed and written by James Gunn

The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that the "Suicide Squad" is being written and directed by Gunn and will be hitting theaters in 2021. It's also been reported that James Gunn will be doing a whole new version of "Suicide Squad" complete with new characters and cast.

It's highly unlikely nobody from the original film will be returning in any form for this reboot.

While fans are disappointed they won't see Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn, she's still got a bright future in the DCEU as Harley Quinn and we will see plenty of her in that role over the coming years. The Suicide Squad characters have varied throughout the years, so starting new isn't a bad idea either.

James Gunn is a master at pairing up outcasts together as their own unique family, which is what the Suicide Squad really is, so it's bound to be great, possibly even as good as "Guardians of The Galaxy." Could James Gunn be the man to turn the DCEU around and breathe new life into the failing extended universe it has become?