Robert Conway, a sci-fi and horror staple whose credits include ‘’The Covenant’’, ‘’Exit to Hell’’ and ‘’Krampus: The Reckoning” returns to the ‘Krampus character franchise with prequel instalment ‘’Krampus Origins’’.

The film, which Conway wrote and produced, is released in November. Robert discussed his movies and more via an exclusive interview on November 5, 2018.

Filmmaking, scripts, and the cast

Meagan Meehan (MM): So, Robert, what inspired you to become a filmmaker and what would you describe as your big break?

Robert Conway (RC): I’ve been at this since I was a kid making shorts in the backyard on my Dad’s VHS camcorder.

I’ve always been a storyteller and film is my favorite medium. I think it was when I met Keith Leopard from Uncork’d Entertainment. I was lucky to partner with him on my second film and every film since.

MM: How did you hatch the script for “Krampus Origins”?

RC: I wanted to try Krampus as a period film as I thought that the mythical nature of the lore would be better served in a historic setting. The film takes place in the shadow of the first world war at home for orphans. We were very lucky to find the perfect location thanks to Molly Cornwell and the town of Globe Arizona. Through Molly, we were able to appropriate an amazing 1800’s train station to serve as our primary location and when it comes to indie film, being flexible and putting what you have access to use, is a big part of what ends up motivating my writing.

MM: And how does it differ from the previous “Krampus” films you’ve done?

RC: With “Origins” I was able finally able to explore more of Krampus’s backstory and lore not least of which is having Krampus do what he’s most famous for; terrorizing children who’ve misbehaved. Because this film is more of a PG13 style horror intended for a younger audience, we were able to dial back the graphic content and make what’s more or less a “Harry Potter” meets “The Goonies” style show.

I would say, J.K Rowling, Grimm Brothers and a little bit of Tolkien are big inspirations.

MM: What can you tell us about the cast, Robert?

RC: My favorite question so far as we were very fortunate to have such a wonderful cast for this movie. I wrote the parts for most of the keys with my good friends in mind, and when I was able to attach them, it was bound to be a lot of fun.

Maria Olsen, Anna Harr and Amelia Haberman, all of whom I’ve done other project with, came together for the first time, but stay tuned as all three are retiring in my new film, a Western called Eminence Hill that comes out next year. I also got to meet some extremely talented people I hadn't work with yet. Katie Peabody, Shannyn Hall and Luke Waxman were great additions to the team. Other notable personal favorites of mine where my good friends, Michael Harrelson, Linda Cushma, Daniel Link and Greg Lutz, all of whom were in “Krampus Unleashed.” And last but never least, my brother Owen Conway killed it as always.

Horror, advice, and creating

MM: What is coming up next, where will you be in ten years, and advice would you give aspiring movie creators?

RC: I must say that things have changed greatly since I was starting out. Thanks to social media young people have access to a vast audience for their work, and it’s only a click away. Shoot often and post often. Develop your style while building your brand and follower count. After more than a decade in horror, I’m returning to my creative roots with my new Western, Eminence Hill. This is nothing short of a passion project for me, and I encourage your readers to Google my name and check out my crowdfund if they want to see what I’ve been cooking up. This is my first time doing a crowd, but because I’m shooting a Western on a horror film budget, every little bit helps, so please, if you can, stop by and say howdy!