Peter Weller has decided to not return to his most iconic role in the upcoming sequel "RoboCop Returns." Michael Ironside was originally considered for the part, but Weller eventually claimed the lead role in the hit sci-fi film "RoboCop." The film follows a slain police officer, who is resurrected by a tech corporation and put to work as an indestructible police officer to clean up Detroit. Cinema Blend called the film a sci-fi spin on Frankenstein's Monster.

The franchise was a hit at the beginning but has never hit the same heights since the original film.

Weller reprised his role in "RoboCop 2" but the film did not have the much-needed guidance from Paul Verhoeven. "RoboCop 3" earned a PG-13 rating, drawing more moviegoers but causing Peter Weller to leave his famous role. The third film featured a poor script and too much violence. In 2014, a remake was released starring Michael Keaton, Gary Oldman, and Samuel L. Jackson. It earned a PG-13 rating but lacked the humor and intelligence of the original.

Peter Weller decides against returning to the RoboCop franchise

Super Bro Movies confirmed that Weller will not reprise his role in the upcoming sequel. It was previously announced that Neil Blomkamp would return and helm "RoboCop Returns," which is a follow-up to the original film.

Blomkamp had said that Weller was his perfect choice for the lead.

Over the past few years, studios have brought back to life several major franchises including "Halloween" and "Terminator." These latest films also ignore previously failed sequels. While fans would love to have Weller return as the beloved RoboCop, it's worth knowing that Weller is in his 70s.

The role took a major toll on him back when he was in his 40's. Actor Daniel Stisen has explained the endurance and strength it takes to take on a role as an action star. It's also possible Weller changes his mind and agrees to return for the upcoming film.

Peter Weller and others are abandoning their iconic roles

Weller is not the only actor to decide not to reprise his role.

Freddy Krueger star Robert Englund ruled out a return to the "Nightmare On Elm Street" franchise because of his age and the physical demands of the role. He recently made a cameo as Freddy Kreuger on "The Goldbergs."

Looking back at the recent revivals of popular franchises, several lead actors/actresses have returned to the big screen including Jamie Lee Curtis in "Halloween," and Linda Hamilton is set to return as Sarah Connor in "Terminator 6." "RoboCop Returns" is still being developed, so not many details are known about the sequel. There's also a chance that it might not even get off the ground.