Cardone is an award-winning magician, ventriloquist, and escape artist. A member of the “Order of Merlin" via the International Brotherhood of Magicians, Cardone is now planning to perform in a vintage-style spookshow titled “The House of Ghostly Haunts” at Manhattan’s famed Dixon Place on October 30, 2018, at 8 PM.

“The House of Ghostly Haunts” will feature ventriloquism, mentalism, Magic, escape artistry, and more—all with a sideshow flair. Cardone will present audiences with astonishing illusions that guests will not soon forget.

Cardone made a name for himself on the Coney Island circuit where he swallowed razor blades, escaped from a straitjacket, and regularly performed dangerous feats.

In “The House of Ghostly Haunts” he will similarly impress audiences and then release a parade of poltergeists for the spooky blackout finale.

Since the 1930s, showmen have turned spiritualism into entertainment. Cardone hopes to continue the tradition, and he discussed all this and more via an exclusive interview on September 19, 2018.

Dixon Place and a single-evening show,

Meagan Meehan (MM): How did you discover your love for the theater and how did you go about breaking into the NYC entertainment industry?

Cardone: I started with magic in the first grade. It was a book called "Spooky Tricks.” I later found a traditional theater in middle school and later received a BFA in Acting performance from Carnegie Mellon University.

I broke into the business in NYC not through theater but through the music biz in a touring rock band called "Toilet Boys.”

MM: How did you come up with the idea for your show “The House of Ghostly Haunts” and how did you work out the plot, props, and costumes?

Cardone: The show is literally a “greatest hits of my repertoire” with all the aesthetics that have been a part of my life since I was a child.

It is literally a reflection and the marriage of reality and fantasy that makes up my world. The show includes, magic, escape artistry, voice throwing, puppetry, mind reading, and a dime museum.

MM: What do you most like about the show and what experience does it offer audiences?

Cardone: The show is interactive and has things that most people have never seen live before.

Part of the show is also a display of my miniature museum of arcane artifacts. I also throw my voice without a ventriloquist dummy.

MM: How did you get the money to produce this show and how did you secure Dixon Place as a venue?

Cardone: The show was slowly built and funded by me. No trust fund or big money investors.

All paid for by a working-class artist budget. The producers Vaudevisuals and Dixion place saw I needed help bringing it to the stage. They delivered the goods! Without them, I couldn't do it.

MM: Why did you decide to only stage this for a single evening?

Cardone: I celebrate Halloween year-round, but I know a lot of people like this kind of entertainment at this time of year. It's happening right in the middle of my magic busy season, and I work full time as an entertainer, so I did my best to squeeze one in for the public.

Theatrical projects, entertainment, and career

MM: How many other theatrical projects have you created and are you planning to work on any new pieces after “The House of Ghostly Haunts” closes?

Cardone: I have created many theatrical adventures, and yes there will be more. This show will be back, and maybe next time it will be a longer run.

MM: How do you hope your entertainment and theater career evolves from this point forward?

Cardone: I just want to keep it moving, stay busy and still have enough time to have fun doing all the things I love to do. The Spook Show is a perfect place to embrace the darkness, have a laugh, and shake the grim reaper's hand and thank him for making life so important!


“The House of Ghostly Haunts” will run for one night only at Dixon Place starting at 8 PM on October 30. Tickets cost between $20 and $30.