Family members of the late Aretha Franklin are voicing their displeasure regarding some of the issues addressed during her funeral service. The Queen of Soul was given her final rites by pastor Jasper Williams Jr.. According to CNN, the Franklin family did not agree with comments made by Williams and referred to them as distasteful and offensive. Addressing Black Lives Matter and saying that single mothers needed men to help raise their sons were some of the troubling comments. Vaughn Franklin, a nephew of the deceased, said that at no point during his 50 minutes of speaking did Williams ever properly eulogize his aunt.

Jasper Williams Jr. stands by his eulogy

The nephew told CNN that Reverend Jasper Williams Jr. was chosen because he had eulogized the Queen of Soul's father, brother, and sister, but never said who actually asked him to do the job. He mentioned several other ministers that his aunt held in high regard, including Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, and The Reverend Al Sharpton. Vaughn Franklin also added that Aretha herself did not ever address her death or mention anyone that she wanted to conduct her funeral.

CNN states that people were complaining about the eulogy prior to the Franklin family addressing the issue and that Reverend Williams defended himself. The minister contradicted the Queen of Soul's nephew by stating that Aretha Franklin indeed asked him to do her eulogy.

The pastor denied politicizing the service and said he was not implying that single women could not raise children by themselves.

Williams politicized the Franklin eulogy

USA Today emphasized how Williams politicized the eulogy by addressing Black Lives Matters and saying it's time for Black Americans to turn their lives around.

Typically eulogists talk about the deceased and offer words of comfort and scripture to the grieving family. Aretha Franklin's relatives do not believe they received either of those things, saying that the Queen of Soul was not properly eulogized and that the message was "very, very distasteful."

Vaughn Franklin provided a statement, saying that Reverend Williams spoke for 50 minutes and pushed his own "negative agenda" which the family does not agree with. He added that his aunt was not properly eulogized. Jasper WIlliams Jr. stands by his comments, even though the Franklin family believes he did them a great disservice.

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