The Emmy Awards nominations were announced and Netflix came away with 112, dethroning HBO's 17-year winning stream. Variety reported that Netflix picked up the 112 nominations thanks to several massive hits such as "The Crown," which earned 13 nominations, ''Stranger Things,'' which earned 12 nominations, ''Godless,'' which also received 12 nominations and 10 nominations for ''Glow.''

Netflix continues to rise to the top when it comes to TV honors, since it debuted ''House of Cards,'' in 2013. HBO managed to come close to Netflix's 112 nominations, with their own 108 nominations.

The return of 'Game of Thrones,' secured 22 nominations and ''Westworld,'' which earned 21 nominations for its second season. Netflix's uptick in nominations continues to grow, since three years ago when it had only 34 nominations.

HBO also scored big thanks to its other major hits such as ''Barry,'' ''Last Week Tonight with John Oliver,'' ''Silicon Valley,'' and ''Curb Your Enthusiasm.'' Last year HBO managed to win 29 Emmy awards with 10 in the Primetime categories, 19 in the Creative Arts category. Netflix managed to win 20 with four from the Primetime categories and 16 in the Creative Arts category.

Netflix's original content key to success

Part of Netflix's continued success in securing Emmy awards is the dedication to the original content.

CNBC reports Netflix as saying they intend to spend "$8 billion" on original content this year. HBO only spends $2 billion. However, HBO's CEO John Stankey has said they want to make content that will get users engaged for "hours a day."

Big success at this year's Emmys could be a sign of Netflix's power as an alternative to cable.

The company has continued to leave a mark in the TV awards circles but struggles with movie festivals. With Netflix taking first place, NBC took third with 78 nominations and FX Networks came in fourth with 50 nominations.

Voting has begun and Netflix launched a massive campaign

Following the announcement of the nominations, final voting begins August 13 and ends August 27.

The Emmy Awards are set for September 17 at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles. Netflix Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos issued a press release saying Netflix is enthusiastic about seeing their content earning nominations.

Netflix launched a massive campaign leading up to the announcement of nominations. The New York Times (NYT) reported the company opened a "30,000-square-foot space" hosting a variety of events for groups that they hoped included "Emmy voters." Netflix has also purchased numerous billboards to advertise awards. While Netflix has secured a massive number of nominations, they are not expected to win "top drama and comedy awards," NYT noted.