The Gorillaz are on a roll, as they just released another new song ("Fire Flies") from their upcoming “The Now Now” album. This is the fourth song released on YouTube by the Gorillaz ahead of the June 29 release of "The Now Now," as reported by Rolling Stone. Additionally, a fifth song ("Hollywood"), was released by band founder Damon Albarn during a performance in Chile but is not available on their official YouTube channel. “Fire Flies,” along with the other three songs, can be found on the Gorillaz YouTube channel.

Gorillaz history

The Gorillaz are not your typical band, as they are a virtual band made up of fictional animated characters.

Like real people, these characters have aged as time has gone on, given interviews, and even performed live during concerts. Created by musician Damon Albarn and artist Jamie Hewlett, the band has gone on to receive critical acclaim and a huge fan following. The Gorillaz don't fall into any one genre, as the band covers a variety of different sounds, including (but not limited to) alternative, hip-hop, and pop. Band members include 2-D (the blue-haired and black-eyed lead vocalist), Murdoc (the green-skinned bassist), Noodle (the lead guitarist/keyboardist and the only female member of the band), and Russel (the formerly ghost possessed drummer).

'The Now Now'

“The Now Now” will be the sixth Gorillaz album, and it features 11 tracks.

Previously released tracks from the album include “Humility,” “Sorcererz,” “Lake Zurich,” and now, “Fire Flies.” According to Spin, Albarn was quoted as saying: “I thought I should make a record where I’m just singing for once." This means the album will likely not include as many collaborations as previous Gorillaz albums featured.

So far, we’ve also only received one animated music video for “The Now Now,” but chances are we should get at least one more partially animated video. This album also features a new band member named Ace, who is filling in for Murdoc (who is in prison in the band’s current storyline). Ace isn’t just a new character made up for the band, though, as he’s actually a character from “The Powerpuff Girls.” This was confirmed by Jamie Hewlett on his Instagram.

With more than 25 million views on the “Humility” music video, “The Now Now” looks to be off to a great start. It’s hard to say whether the rest of the album will be as good as what has already been released, but Albarn could be saving the best for last. “The Now Now” will be available on June 29 and will be released by Parlophone and Warner Bros Records, according to

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