Season 1 of the Netflix teen drama “13 Reasons Why” was a gripping, binge-worthy show. In fact, while it was criticised by many, others believed the fact that the show covered teen suicide, self-harm, bullying and rape was a good thing. The first season showed Hannah Baker’s suicide and covered the 13 tapes left behind, to tell 13 people their impact on her decision to kill herself.

Due to the popularity of the show, season 2 was released and it basically fizzles like a wet firework. The new season of the Netflix show covers the lawsuit launched by Hannah’s parents against the school and the testimony of various teens from Liberty High School.

Increase in suicides could be blamed on ’13 Reasons Why’

The Guardian quotes Helen Rayner who works at the Royal College of Psychiatrists. Rayner said there was an increase in suicide attempts and actual suicides during and after the first season of the show. She believes that launching the show during the time that students are taking exams could cause yet another increase in teens attempting to take their lives.

Season two starts with warnings by cast members, saying that “13 Reasons Why” might not be right for any teen struggling with the issues covered in the first season, including suicide, rape and substance abuse. The fact that the show needs to have that introduction makes one wonder if watching the Netflix show is a good idea

Second season of Netflix show fizzles

The first season gripped viewers from the word go.

It was the type of show that made you want to stay up all night to watch every single episode. When season 2 of “13 Reasons Why” was released by Netflix, fans instantly wanted to watch. However, I and many other viewers found it hard to concentrate on the show, and that was just in episode one

We see the cast of students at Liberty High School and how they are still struggling with what happened in season 1.

The lawsuit launched by Hannah Baker’s parents begins, with several students worried about testifying.

Season 2 is ‘unnecessary’

The BBC quotes US Today as saying that viewers don’t need another 13 reasons.

They say the release of the second season is “tawdry” and “unnecessary,” and added that it is a “blatant grab” for headlines like those seen for the teen drama last year. While the show does attempt to make a point about slut-shaming, the rape culture, suicide and sexual harassment, the producers’ depiction in "13 Reasons Why" has “all the subtlety of a sledgehammer.”