Tim Allen is truly one of the last conservative men standing in Hollywood. At the very least, he may well be the last man laughing. A report by Fox News provided most of the information presented in this article.

It was about a year ago that Allen's highly popular ABC sitcom, "Last Man Standing," was abruptly canceled by the network. This came several years after ABC's "Home Improvement" made Allen a household name. He was also making waves at the box office, with a number of successful films that helped him land this new television show.

A political move?

Despite good ratings, the show was pulled by ABC after six seasons out of a claim that the network was not going to air comedies on Friday nights any longer. Much was made that it was a political move, as "LMS" featured a conservative main character and many Hillary Clinton jokes on a network owned by Disney.

Crazy like a fox?

Word came out May 3 that Allen and his "Last Man Standing" crew may possibly be returning to primetime network television in the fall, as the Fox network is reportedly in talks to acquire the rights to the now-syndicated show, which would resume with its seventh season. Currently, the network is in discussions with all the members of the ensemble cast to determine their willingness and availability to return to the set so the show may resume where it left off in the spring of 2017.

Tim the Twitter tease man

The whole idea behind the news came about from a tease by Tim Allen, who tweeted about "LMS" in a nod to fan support and petition campaigns that have gone on since the show was dropped. A number of fan petitions have gone out to various networks over the last year asking for the show to be picked up.

While Allen was outspoken of his denunciation of ABC for the cancellation last summer, he had been mostly silent in the months since, until this tweet showed up Thursday morning (May 3).

Serious conversations

Talks with Fox are apparently in the early stages, but if the cast members are already being contacted, and with most networks announcing their fall lineups this month, it would seem that talks are in the formality stage before the official lineup reveal.

Only the next couple weeks will tell, but it is hard to imagine Tim Allen tweeting out something that was not or will not happen. It will be a matter of when the show will appear in terms of the night and time slot, and not if it will appear. It seems that finally, Tim Allen may ultimately be the last man standing in a battle with Mickey Mouse and friends.