It was reported in a recent Deadline exclusive that Netflix had purchased the Extreme Universe comics series movie rights in a seven-figure deal. Six of Liefeld’s titles including "Bloodstrike," "Bloodwulf," "Brigade," "Cybrid," "Kaboom," and "Re-Gex" are now set to become feature films. The writing is currently underway as overseen by Akiva Goldsman, who also organized writing teams for both the "Ology" series and "Transformers".

The news about "Empress," written by Mark Millar, arrived last summer when it was announced that Netflix would adapt the comic into film as part of its acquisition of MillarWorld.

The project has been in pre-production since July 20, 2017. Ann Hathaway reportedly expressed interest in appearing in the film according to IMDB.

Mark Millar’s 'The Magical Order' in development

The attention-grabbing and rather stylish looking cover art of the "Empress" comic issue 1, immediately gets the adults wondering when the movie is coming out. It was illustrated by Marvel’s Star Wars artist Stuart Immonen who also does the artwork for the "Spiderman," "All-New X-Men," "The New Avengers," and "Fear Itself" series. Many comic aficionados cite "Immonen" as one of the main reasons they picked up that first issue, which according to Syfy, completely sold out when it appeared on the market back in April 2016.

Once upon a time 65 million years ago

It is 65 million years ago, and the earth is populated by many thriving, densely populated, (alien) civilizations who are living on the surface of this planet. Emporia is attempting to escape from her excessively cruel husband Morax, who everybody knows, is just about to grade the family, and do something in his otherwise nature, like kill one of the kids or something “for being soft.” They have to get out of there and fast.

Luckily, Dane, their dedicated bodyguard signs on to help them out.

Some comic book reviewers speculate if comics, namely "Empress," should now be thought of as pitches for film development projects, and readers are being "used." Still others question the premise; will the idea of pre-historic civilizations undermine the work scientists have done in disproving any uninformed notions people may cleave onto regarding the evolutionary origins of humanity?

The deepest hole in the earth is humanmade and is called the Z44-Chayvo, located at 7.7 miles beneath the surface. So OK, basically there’s still miles of space that may be filled with unknown stuff. For the sake of entertainment, should we non-scientists imagine that the discoverable evidence of these ancient earthlings could be buried way down deep, and with miles to go to get to the mantle? Yes - there must be an old helmet or (hydraulic capacitor) down there somewhere.