As an avid "Scandal" follower, waiting for the series finale is excruciating. As we wait on pins and needles to find out the fate of some of the favorite characters on the hill, I have some predictions for the wrap of the series. Spoiler alerts: If you are not caught up with the current season, Do Not read any further if you do not want to know the current status of the show.

Possible 'Scandal' ending one

As Olivia plans to testify to out all of B613’s dirty little secrets, her father has magically covered for the organization and no evidence can be uncovered.

As she goes to confront him, he is already in a heated discussion with Jake. Just as Jake and Olivia attempt to reconcile, in an effort to save face with their father and command, Eli (Olivia’s father) takes matters into his own hands and shoots Jake. Every effort to cover B613 has succeeded for Eli and Olivia is set free. The stories of the rest of Pope & Associates as witnesses are buried and the story is turned into nothing but a conspiracy theory, putting Ms. Lady Liberty out of the job. Flash forward to the future: Fitz and Olivia can’t be together without the truth coming out. Olivia is back working in the White House with Mellie. The rest of Pope & Associates are living their lives, including Charlie, who was released after Cyrus was outed for the entire assassination attempt and B613 conspiracy.

Cyrus is back in his old cell going crazy pretending he is the President of the US.

'Scandal' ending theory No. 2

With the help of her team, Olivia manages to out and dissolve B613. Each of the Pope & Associates team testifies that Eli Pope, with the help of Jake, threatened the lives of many innocent American people for their compliance.

The American people seek gentle favor in their legal proceedings against them. While no longer being able to work anywhere on the hill, Olivia finally moves to Vermont with Fitz, after serving her probation. Mellie and Marcus can finally date on their own and assist with Fitz’s foundation. Mellie voluntarily agreed to impeachment but only through her testimony regarding Cyrus, which was corroborated by Jake Ballard’s video footage.

A new special election took place to clear out the corruption in the White House. Jake’s last attempt to win Olivia’s good graces leads him to destroy B613. As Olivia makes one final attempt to get her father to retire, Jake takes him out in order to make command extinct.

A third 'Scandal' ending prediction

After Olivia’s testimony only implicates her as the main culprit to all the wrongdoings, acting alone without the advice of either president, she disappears to her island in the sun. Fitz’s legacy is preserved and Mellie gets to remain president. Quinn Perkins & Associates help dig up enough evidence to prosecute and impeach Cyrus from his position as vice president. He ends up alone, drinking away his miseries over cheap wine.

Olivia’s father (Command) turns up in Cyrus’ apartment and shoots him to cover a loss end. Fitz cannot abandon his foundation and can no longer see Olivia since she has disappeared to an island unknown to him. Jake Ballard joins Olivia on the island as her most long-standing confidant.