Batman’s number one villain the Joker is receiving his very own solo film. While the Joker did not live up to expectations in Suicide Squad, he’s being brought back to life by Director Todd Phillips (The Hangover) with the help of Martin Scorsese as executive producer in bringing to life this solo Joker Film.

Joaquin Phoenix has allegedly told the two men that he will take on the role. The film will focus on what caused the Joker to become the mastermind we all know and love. Phillips and Scorsese are working on creating an 80s gritty crime drama.

The storyline will be borrowed from the graphic novel “The Killing Joke,” which has the Joker turn from a failed comedian into a master villain. The 1988 novel had the joker as a struggling comedian who eventually snaps and turns to violence to feed his family.

Joker film will be part of DC relaunch

The film will be part of the relaunch of the DC Films under the Warner Bros. studios, and will expand the comic-book library beyond the familiar Expanded Universe characters including Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and Suicide Squad’s Joker.

DC Comics has become known for recreating characters, making small changes to their origin story and settings, without tweaking the DC canon. The new films are expected to do the same.

TheWrap says the film is expected to start production in late 2018, but rumors are circulated that it could be delayed because of necessary multiple rewrites.

Philips and Scorsese perfect for the film

Philips has become well known for his work as writer and director of the “Hangover” trilogy. His most recent work as director was for “War Dogs,” which starred Miles Teller and Jonah Hill.

It was also recently announced that the Joker’s name will be Jack Napier, last used in the 1989 Tim Burton Batman film. Philips has also become the master of creating laughter in the midst of the dark and gritty action.

Scorsese has previously dealt with this kind of storyline before in his 1982 film “King of Comedy,” which featured Robert De Niro as a failed comedian who failed to turn things around.

It was reported that Scorsese and Philips will draw from that film in the upcoming solo Joker film. An official cast has not been decided on by the studio.

Keep in mind, it's only the early days, so nothing has been cemented. It's still up in the air and many are debating about whether a solo joker film is the right move by the DC Studios who are attempting a rebirth, after their previous films, outside of Wonder Woman flopped.