"Veronica" is a horrifying take on a history that makes us question what evil lurks around us.

The film is centered around a young girl, named Veronica, who enjoys most things, like spending time with her close friends, and gets caught up in the occult, tapping into a Ouija Board with her friends. It becomes the common trope that many horror movies are littered with: Playing with fire. With this board and her friends, they attempt to bring back the spirit of a friend’s boyfriend but accidentally manage to do something much, much worse.

What sets this film apart

Instead of conversing with Diana's ex, the teens manage to disturb the spirit of her father and bring to the world of the living something that desperately wants to torment them. This movie delivers its sharp scares as shadows and objects that move, but if that doesn’t top it off for audiences, it includes a blind nun who attempts to explain what is happening to the young girls, but only tops the horror factor.

Veronica's mother is working consistently to ensure a life for her daughter, leaving her without a parent at home for most days. She is fairly responsible and takes care of herself, as well as her siblings, painting a picture we wouldn’t primarily expect of the main character of a horror film.

Her interest piques at a magazine about the occult and she brings her friends to her home to use the Ouija board. Things go absolutely haywire, but after they attempt to bring back Diana’s ex, it is difficult to understand what is reality or pure nightmare.

The grounding factor for us is when outside sources become involved.

A policeman explores the home at the end of the film; bringing the audience to a stage where we believe the entire ordeal very likely might’ve been a reality. That being said, the film questions how much of it truly occurred and if it was was real or occurring within Veronica’s mind. This becomes the spin that sets apart this movie from just about all others.

Netflix provides an unexpected depth, historical background, and questions to a horror film.

Based on a true story

Most horror movies get about twenty times scarier when they are based on true stories and Netflix’s "Veronica" is nothing short of that.

It finds its historical truth in police files from Madrid in the early 1990s; making this a little too close to our current time period for comfort. The files were centered around a girl, from south Madrid, calling the police in a panic.

After she is rescued and hospitalized, she dies suddenly and quickly. This is said to take place not long after she used a Ouija board.

Netflix has shared a concept that many of us are familiar with, but we only hope is enough warning to people who love dabbling in the occult. This movie will not be difficult to love if you enjoy being scared. The story introduces new angles and questions as it progresses, giving it a hook that leaves the audience wanting to enjoy more. If you're looking into other horror films, here are two great lists for an interesting weekend or Halloween.