Jeremy Calvert has revealed that he doesn't really have an interest in making a career from being on reality television. When he met Leah Messer, he knew that she was on "Teen Mom 2." But when they divorced, he was quick to reveal that he didn't want to continue filming the show continuously. Even though Calvert works out of state, which means he isn't always around when Leah is filming "Teen Mom 2," it sounds like he's not losing touch with his fans. He is active on social media and Twitter, which is great news for his fans.

On "Teen Mom 2," Leah has revealed that she's not happy about his job situation, as he's away for weeks at a time.

Messer has revealed that she thinks his job situation is toxic because he's away from his family for a long period of time at a time. According to a new tweet, Leah Messer's ex-husband is now revealing that he could be starting a business for himself. On Twitter, Jeremy revealed that he was having a great day because he got a phone call from someone about starting a potential business.

Quitting toxic job?

Even though Jeremy Calvert is tweeting about starting a business, it sounds like he's not ready to simply quit his job. On "Teen Mom 2," he has hinted that he makes good money when he works out of state. It doesn't sound like Calvert has any plans of quitting his job. If he can do both at once and make good money, it's possible he will try to do both.

Leah Messer has revealed that she has no interest in getting back together with Jeremy because of his work. She has called it toxic because it really affected their relationship.

When they were married, he would spend weeks away from the home. It was something that affected their relationship.

Javi could be joining him

Jeremy Calvert shared the news on Twitter this morning and when Javi Marroquin learned about the news, he asked if Jeremy was hiring. Of course, Marroquin is working in the Air Force and it sounds like he seems happy.

But Javi has also revealed that he doesn't want to be deployed again. He wants to meet the right woman, build a family and get married again, so it's possible that he wants to stay close to home. As for Jeremy, he seems to be happy with his daughter Adalynn and isn't exactly interested in getting married again. Jeremy and Leah recently admitted to hooking up again, so he could be exploring options for work closer to home so he can be closer to her.

What do you think of Jeremy Calvert starting a business? Do you think Javi Marroquin should work with him?