The fans of the Mission Impossible series won't have to wait much longer for the sixth installment of the blockbuster franchise. A report by Variety states that Tom Cruise, who plays Ethan Hunt in the film franchise, made his debut on Instagram in style by posting a photo of the clapperboard showing movie's title - "Mission: Impossible - Fallout."

Actors sharing clapperboard photos on social media is nothing new. However, making a debut with one such image by the 55-year-old action star is a different story. He means business. Christopher McQuarrie, the movie's director, has also posted the same clapperboard image on his Instagram account.

Meanwhile, his 34-year-old co-star, Henry Cavill, gave him a funny welcome by posting a photo featuring his pet Akita in a car and himself clinging on to the door.

New actors onboard the Mission Impossible team

The acclaimed Christopher McQuarrie wrote and directed the fifth movie of the series - "Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation." After it's success, he's back as the writer, director, and producer of Ethan Hunt's sixth installment. While keeping the plotline under wraps, McQuarrie broadly stated that the movie is Hunt's emotional journey.

Jeremy Renner confirmed that he won't reprise his role due to filming schedule conflicts. So Cruise will be joined by mustached Henry Cavill along with Angela Bassett and Vanessa Kirby.

The film marks the return of Michelle Monaghan, Rebecca Ferguson, Simon Pegg, Alec Baldwin, and Ving Rhames.

Expect the trademark Mission Impossible grade breathtaking stunts

The Mission Impossible movies have always featured quite a few spine-chilling stunts. Expect the same in the upcoming one for Tom Cruise, who also shared the first official film still of him hanging on to a helicopter ascending over a mountain.

The photo carries a caption "We’ve upped the ante for the sixth #MissionImpossible. I can’t wait for you guys to see more."

That's such a typical Ethan Hunt pose and not surprising since the actor is famous for performing stunts by himself. However, last August, he did end up breaking his ankle after slamming into a wall while filming an action sequence on the set.

Due to that, the film's production was forced to halt for a couple of months.

Although, Tom Cruise sprung back into action earlier this month as he was spotted filming a stunt for "Mission: Impossible - Fallout" on the top of Blackfriars Bridge in London. However, there's no official word on whether this will affect the announced release date - July 27. There's no confirmation if the movie, or a part of it, has entered post-production stage. We're keeping our fingers crossed.

"Mission: Impossible - Fallout" is set to hit the theaters on July 27.