Hollywood is abuzz with breaking news of "Girls" creator and writer Lena Dunham (31) and "Bleachers" frontman Jack Antonoff (33) split in December 2017. E!News reports from close sources, "Lena and Jack were growing apart, and it just made sense for them to end their relationship where it was." News outlets are reporting the break as amicable.

This news comes as a shock to Dunham fans who were eagerly awaiting news of an engagement after Dunham started Twitter rumors of an imminent proposal from Anotonoff in November 2017.

Considered one of Hollywood's power couples, the Dunham and Antonoff split was unexpected.

So far, there are no reports as to the cause of the break-up, but with Dunham's public announcements of love, the public is soon to be wondering, why?

According to People magazine, Dunham and Antonoff's relationship started in 2012 after a blind date. Shortly after, Antonoff moved in with Dunham. For their 5 1/2 year anniversary in October 2017, Antonoff bought her a "Friendship" ring and weeks before the split Dunham tweets indicated all was well in the relationship.

Dunham's PR Nightmare's

Dunham has a troubled past with the media and feminism. 2017 was no exception. In November 2017, Dunham accused alleged sexual assault victim Aurora Perrineau of lying. She defended co-writer Murray Miller after months earlier tweeting, "Things women do lie about: what they ate for lunch.

Things women don't lie about rape." Fellow feminists accuse her of "hipster racism" "casual racism," and "fake feminism."

The dawn of 2018 saw similar controversy, with "Thor: Ragnarok" star, Tessa Thompson slamming Dunham for showing up for a #timeup photo op. Thompson claims Dunham had no involvement with the movement started to combat sexual harassment in Hollywood.

Us Weekly and other media outlets have since reported Thompson qualifying her statements towards the Girl's star. This latest incident is another in a long list of Dunham's tactless and insensitivity and goes to show her strained relationships with fellow celebrities.

Jack Antonoff's rising fame

In contrast to Dunham, Antonoff, singer, and songwriter working closely with Taylor Swift and Lorde, is growing in fame and popularity.

Nominated for a Golden Globe for his work with Swift and 3 Grammys under his belt, Antonoff's career is soaring. The press and fellow celebrities are touting Antonoff as a genius.

Is Dunham bad for the Antonoff Brand?

With Dunham's continuing difficulty with fellow celebrities, feminists and her frequent Bad Press have become a liability to Antonoff who goes from strength to strength. With Antonoff working closely with big names in mainstream feminists, was this seemingly sudden split, in reality, a long time coming.