If anyone had told the Media Personalities back in the year 2009 that the New Media Film Festival would be a hit, none would have agreed. Such is the exponential nature of growth witnessed by this best media house that has become a home for innovators and celebrities. Take it here; this increase has not come quickly; it claimed the efforts of best media minds to pull through. However, that aside, the preparations for the annual film festival LA which is scheduled for June 16-17 2018.

A plethora of awards

As the best place for Oscar Grammys, Emmys and Hollywood awards, most of the best minds in the film industry are encouraged to make entries.

The diverse categories are already up for grabs with Individual category awards and grand prize award totaling $45,000.00. The main point of interest during the awards include submissions on the sniper 30-second pitches, student entries, documentaries, virtual reality categories, shorts, trailers, film scripts, music videos and the new technology in filmmaking like VR among many other categories.

Because of a high number of entries comprising content from the best in the film industry, the jury calls for early submissions to ease the work. Those who submit early on the film festival website get the incentive of discounts on tickets and entry fees. However, the primary concern of the organizers remains the massive work log, with new media companies encouraged to participate.

As the best filmmakers would have it, tools of trade continue to be cameras and the digital media enhanced by the new technologies.

Apart from the New Media Awards, the festival is also a showcase of talents as was witnessed in past festivals when conservationist award went to none other than Leonardo Di Caprio. Ray Bradbury and Roger Corman have received the Legend Award.

In fact, the organizers have shown that they have an eye for great talent and can recognize one when presented.

Stories from the past

From the words of the former winners, it is clear that the film festivals have remained a pacesetter where the development of story and technology is concerned. Need not say, this is the place for anyone seriously looking for a space in new media.

As seen in New York Times, the film industry has changed. While the surprise of most of the film players like Nicholas Reed is on the exponential rise, the fact that the festival remains afloat in the digital space is amazing. For instance, with a website that can show contents both on the various 2D and 3D channels the festival allows a wide variety of content for the visitors sampling.

However, the website management team can keep the interest alive through its various e-news and events newsletters that could be a secret to its success. As seen in The Hollywood Reporter article, a film has international reach.

Visiting the site is a golden chance for an upcoming film as it offers some of the following;

  • Have an opportunity to view the upcoming festival schedule as well as follow up on the past ones.
  • Receive entrance to restricted areas during the festival through All Access badges that can be secured online in advance.
  • Have access to some of the secluded film events that enable talent of the future film professionals.
  • Be among the audience of the best in the movie industry as they chart the future.

It is notable that web film content both in 2D and 3D may not be easy to come by quickly.

Those who have the knowledge and the passion have an opening to submit the best pieces to showcase in the upcoming event in June. Time of essence, you may be the winner of your category this year. Because content development may not be a walk in the park to those who are starting off, it is worth taking one stride at the moment. Tickets are already selling on the film festival website, and it is only advisable that one adopts a front seat among the top performers for the connections sake.


Just like small beginnings coming to be big, all the awards did not start as hits. Like the annual film festival, do not be afraid of small beginnings. You have your chance to showcase talent this year.

You may start by getting the right information at the www.newmediafilmfestival.com.

The article is about the strides made by the New Media Film Festival since its inception, and the reason why submissions to participate in the upcoming award is worth the bargain.