Briana DeJesus has had a whirlwind week. She had been in a relationship with Javi Marroquin for a few months, but that ended a few days ago. Social media has been fixated on the two, reading into everything they post. DeJesus is a single mom of two little girls, and her days are spent focusing on them. A new season of “Teen Mom 2” is reportedly being filmed, though there has actually not been official confirmation on a premiere date.

Upcoming plans

In roughly two weeks, Briana DeJesus will be in Miami to have a few procedures done by Dr. Miami. He is the go-to doctor for the “Teen Mom” girls.

In exchange for allowing him to film the procedures, the girls get a discount. This is one of the main reasons Javi Marroquin broke up with Briana. In fact, she issued a statement about it. DeJesus wanted to have the surgery and his lack of support was not something she was comfortable with, especially after the amount of time the two had been together.

“Teen Mom 2” fans have been rather harsh to Briana DeJesus since she arrived back on the scene. In fact, when she attended the get together before they started filming, she wasn't welcomed with open arms. Although that isn't shocking, it appears she at one point, had a friend in Jenelle Evans. Kailyn Lowry wasn't very nice to DeJesus, especially after it was revealed that she was dating Javi Marroquin.

Now, fans are hoping the girls can repair relationships for the upcoming season.

Briana is her own person

After the breakup, Briana DeJesus wants to be recognized as her own person. People are reading into everything she posts. In an Exclusive statement to Blasting News, Briana DeJesus says; “Not every tweet I send or word I speak has to do with Javi.

People are reading into my every word and it’s ridiculous. Me saying ‘this is a f*cking joke’ had nothing to do with him. If I tweeted I want a cheeseburger, people are gonna say I’m craving one cuz one time I ate one with him. Like I said the other day, we are talking and if things work out, great, and if they don’t, that’s what’s meant to be.

In the meantime, people can take a deep breath and relax from reading into every tweet I send.” She goes on to say; “I am my own person after all, apart from Javi. I was before we started dating and am now.”

It is clear Briana DeJesus was fine before Javi Marroquin came along, and she will be fine after him. Raising her two little girls is her focus, and that is where her head is right now.