The past year has brought plenty of great albums to the forefront. Unexpected greats emerged, while radio classics faded. The year began with The xx using their eyes and ended with Eminem searching for his heart. In all, 2017 marked a year of mourning, with Chris Cornell, Chester Bennington, Glen Campbell, and Tom Petty passing away. It also brought the emergence of Chance the Rapper, the questionable stylings of Taylor Swift, and the reemergence of Kesha. Let's take a look at the best albums of the year.

4. 'Revival' - Eminem

Eminem brought the house down with the last major album release of the year.

The White House, that is. Slim Shady reacted to the year of polarization by putting a gun to 2017, unleashing the anger many feel about the country's administration. At the same time, he looked inward, questioning his own relevance in the new rap landscape. It all made for a third consecutive strong record from the ageless Detroit rapper.

3. 'More Life' - Drake

The heaviness taking over Drake's music made him seem more like the regular rap fodder. He brought it back in 2017, however, reminding fans of his lighter side. Drake is exuberant, but not overly self-congratulatory. Both his past and future selves are on full display, revealing vulnerability and pure ability. "More Life" is the Drake album his Day One fans needed and his newer fans can embrace.

2. 'Melodrama' - Lorde

She's far from a liability. Lorde came into her own as an elite artist in 2017, proving that "Pure Heroine" was no fluke. The first single, "Green Light," was confounding, while simultaneously showcasing a full-throated maturity beyond her age. Maturity, in fact, was the theme of the whole album. Her vulnerability is honest, drawing in listeners from all walks of life.

She's solemn, but not to the point of despondency. Lorde is going to be a force in the music world for years to come.

1. 'Everybody' - Logic

From "Bodak Yellow" to all of the "Sorry" songs, there were plenty of "Track of the Year" candidates. The most powerful, however, may have been Logic's "1-800-273-8255." The song - with a clear intention of preventing teen suicide - moved people throughout the year, making Logic a household name for change.

But the power of that song obscures the incredible bars and sounds emitted on the rest of the album. The biracial rapper touches upon the issues that define the country and define us all, from survival to advancement. The rapper has threatened that his next album will be his last. Logic may be departing soon, but in 2017, he arrived.