There was no doubt this installment of Star Wars titled "The Last Jedi" would bring fans out to theaters in droves. Disney continues to rake in the money as they seem to have a new Star Wars movie out every year. With Star Wars having one of the largest fan bases in any movie franchise, every movie released seems to break records at the box office. While the box office numbers may seem boring to some, the reactions to this movie will not. There have been some positive reviews and negative ones all over.

Box office success continues for Star Wars

Coming off the immense success of "The Force Awakens" could "The Last Jedi" live up to those box office numbers?

Well, simply put, probably not. "The Force Awakens" just had too much going for it. It was the rebirth of the Star Wars franchise after the "dark days" of the prequels, while also bringing back beloved characters from the original trilogy. With that being said, "The Force Awakens" to no one's surprise, broke the box office record for domestic opening weekend earning $248 million. "The Last Jedi" came in at No. 2 on that record list, earning $220 million domestically. While it didn't break the record, that $220 million is nothing to sneeze at. Surely these two films will be at the top of that record list for years to come.

Critic and fan receptions are split

Star Wars movies are analyzed and critiqued like no other franchise.

This is due to that enormous fan base I spoke about earlier. This is also what makes these movies so fun and successful. So far, critics are praising "The Last Jedi," as it has a 93 percent critic rating on Rotten Tomatoes. This is where things get tricky. While the critic score is high, the audience score is drastically lower coming in at 56 percent.

While I understand there are flaws in the audience scoring on Rotten Tomatoes, this is too large of a disparity to just blame on a system flaw. For those that don't know what I mean by the flaw, any fan, whether they saw the movie or not, can go over to Rotten Tomatoes and give a score. Some fans may read spoilers and just assume they hate the movie, they then head over to Rotten Tomatoes and give a negative score.

But like I said, this is a tough call. One website that has fewer flaws surrounding it is known as Cinema Score. This site actually heads to certain theaters on opening night to get an audience response right after the movie. They tally up the results and give an overall grade. While "The Last Jedi" ended up receiving an even A score, there still is an issue. That issue is, even the always hated on prequels received very high scores from Cinema Score. With all that said, it really seems like fans, in general, are extremely split on this installment.

Why are fans so split on 'The Last Jedi?'

I believe many fans are split on this movie for multiple reasons but one reason overall. This is because fans got a movie totally different than what they were expecting.

"The Last Jedi" is a radically different movie than "The Force Awakens." After the release of "Episode 7," the fan speculation and theories were at an all-time high. This character has to be so and so, while this character's parents have to be someone important. The list of these theories can go on and on. Needless to say, Episode 8 goes in a much different direction. This is where I think some die-hard fans may have felt this movie was not something they liked. The most important thing here, is, of course, did you like the movie? Or will you? The best way to find out is to just go out and see for yourself. Don't rely on any review site or news article to make that decision for you. The great thing about movies is they're subjective. That's what makes them so great.