The latest installment of "The Walking Dead" Season 8 was full of the action-packed sequences as the "All Out War" continued. But it was the question of kill or not to kill that loomed over the episode. And so we saw Morgan and Jesus facing each other in what turned out to be a pretty awesome fight, perhaps one of the best this show has ever done. As a result, Morgan left the group, and the prisoners were taken to the Hilltop where Jesus convinced Maggie to take them in until the war ends.

But there was more to "TWD" 8x03 than meets the eye, so in this article, we are going to talk about some things you might have missed.

Rick has changed

Fans were eager to see what will happen to Morales now that he returned after all these years. Unfortunately, his purpose was nothing more than to give us an update on what happened to him and his family and also to give Rick a reason to continue to question himself. All in all, after this confrontation, Rick is one step closer to the "my mercy prevailed over my wrath" mindset that's been teased in one of many timelines from Season 8 premiere. And his scream after Morales was shot as well as that look he gave to Daryl after he killed that "Savior" despite Rick's promise, confirms just that.

Someone is feeding Negan information

When asked where the M2 Browning 50 caliber Machine Guns are, the "Savior" said that they got sent to Gavin's outpost just the day before Rick and Daryl arrived.

That fact makes us question if someone has been secretly working for Negan. Also, there was this scene with Gregory where he told Maggie that Negan already knew about their plan. Not that Gregory can be trusted, but in our opinion, he was speaking the truth this time. So who is the mole?

We already suspected Father Gabriel, but if that turns out to be the case, it would be a huge backsliding in this character's growth.

But on the other hand, he does have a history of betraying his group, and he is trapped with Negan in that RV, so him being the mole is still highly possible. As far as the other suspects are concerned, one option is that it can be Dwight, working as a double-agent. But according to IGN, the most likely candidate is Dianne from the Kingdom.

Even though she is not a major character, she has been getting a suspicious amount of screentime lately.

Where is Rick going next?

After clearing the outpost, Daryl asked Rick if he is going to talk with those a-holes alone. To which Rick replies affirmatively. In our opinion, he is going to talk to the "Scavengers," and that's the reason he is taking all those polaroids. But judging by "The Walking Dead" Season 8 trailer, he will be in trouble.

There was no bunny

Even though Rick took baby Gracie from that outpost, just like we thought he would, the fact that we haven't seen a stuffed bunny with her makes us question the theory about Gracie being the girl in the flash forward from the season premiere. So it seems that the girl is Judith after all.