There’s a special kind of irony in dying over a bag of bones. It’s an indignity Tom Keen is facing “The Blacklist”, and if the premiere flash-forward is to be believed, it’s one he can’t avoid.

There seems to be a biological imperative that leads the Keens straight into danger as if the urge to spy is somehow directly embedded in their DNA. For Lizzie, that might be true. For Tom (Ryan Eggold), however, his latest escapade stems straight from his desire to keep his burgeoning family safe.

Can Tom Escape His ‘Blacklist’ Fate?

Tom Keen is snatching at loose branches as he stumbles down a slippery slope, but unfortunately for him, he’s only coming up with thorns.

First Pete (Karl Miller) pulls a Houdini. Then Dr. Nik (Piter Marek) bites the dust. Now our resident superspy is playing his final card, bluffing right in the face of the midseason villain – Mr. Ian Garvey (Jonny Coyne). In doing so, he might lose the suitcase and his life. As per the flash-forward, Red Reddington (James Spader), father-in-law of the year, will send a hail of bullets at the newlywed.

“We are on a collision course with that moment,” series creator Jon Bokenkamp told Entertainment Weekly. “Tom gets as close as anyone has gotten to unlocking the deeper mythology of the show, [but] Red is willing to go to the end of the earth and back to put these bones back in the ground.”

The Fall Finale will provide a definitive answer to Tom’s survival odds.

From where Liz is standing, however, it doesn’t look good. The Post Office team jumps into action to address her MIA hubby in a new sneak peek.

If they’re so interested in locating Mr. Keen, perhaps they should have a chat with baby Agnes. The government’s reminders to “talk, read, sing” to your little bambinos have taken root in Tom, and now we’re fairly certain Agnes’ first word will be “bones” or “murder.” Do the Keen’s have a nanny cam?

Surely someone has a record of these rather disturbing chats.

Whatever the case, Tom will put up a fight. Eggold’s character isn’t one to lay down and take a beating – according to episode photos, the superspy will seize the opportunity to double fist Molotov cocktails.

‘The Blacklist’ Turns 100 – With Ryan Eggold

Five seasons in, “The Blacklist” has hit the 100-episode mark.

Eggold, along with the rest of the cast, took to Twitter on Tuesday to celebrate the landmark occasion. For those worried about Tom’s fate, it’s important to note that Eggold was at the party, albeit while sporting an unsettling ’80s mustache.

You can check out the photo via the actor’s Twitter.

Catch “The Blacklist” fall finale tonight at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.