"Stranger Things" season 2 aired late last month and it has been the talk of the town since. With over 16 million watching the season premiere of the Netflix TV series, there's no doubt that the show is a smash hit. But now that all nine episodes of the sophomore season have aired, many are wondering what lies ahead for the series. Thankfully, the Duffer brothers have spilled a few beans about the show, including when they plan to end the show.

Season 4 will be the end of Netflix's 'Stranger Things'

Netflix has found a winner in this one, with 15.8 million people in the US streaming the "Stranger Things" season 2 episode 1 on its premiere day.

It was just a few views shy of "Game of Thrones" season 7 premiere's numbers stamped at 16.1 million. Nielsen also added that 361,000 binge-watched all nine episodes on the first day. With such a huge following, Netflix is already looking ahead to the coming seasons of the show. However, according to show creators Matt and Ross Duffer, they don't plan on stretching the series to double-digit seasons. They want to keep it to just four. "I think, you know, four to five seasons is likely where we'll end up," Ross told E! News.

Matt Duffer added, "It's hard, like four seems short, five seems long." Both brothers, however, admitted that nothing has been confirmed about the Netflix TV series and they may still decide to stretch it further than four seasons.

"None of this official, and we know where we want to go. We're trying to figure out still how long it'll take to get there, so we'll see," Ross added.

With fans clamoring for more of the gang from Hawkins, it wouldn't be impossible for Netflix and the Duffer brothers to stretch the series to seven or eight seasons, ala "Game of Thrones." They could even go as far as 10 seasons like "Friends." What's for sure though is fans will be following the series for as long as it takes.

'Stranger Things' season 3 spoilers: More numbers joining the show

First, there was Eleven. Then there was Eight. Season 3 could potentially more of the experimented children, aka the "numbers." With its story revolving around the supernatural, and with the biggest "Stranger Things" cast being Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven), it would be foolish not to include more of these children in the upcoming seasons.

As a matter of fact, executive producer Shawn Levy implied that more of these supernatural beings are joining the show. "I can't imagine that the world will only ever know Eleven and Eight. I think we've clearly implied there are other numbers," Levy revealed.

"Stranger Things" season 3 release date has yet to be revealed, but with the success of the show, it wouldn't be impossible for Netflix to air new episodes before July.