Tracy McNulty is an Actress who is known by most as “Stresh” and for playing the role of Brenda in the new comedy “The Condo.” Out on VOD this December from Gravitas Ventures, the movie tells the story of four men, all of whom are married, who buy a condo together so they can cheat on their spouses…and, as is usually the way, the guys get caught.

“The Condo” is another bravura credit for Tracey McNulty, whose other films and series include “Maxing,” “Helicopter Mom,” “Fifty Shades of Shane,” and “Emma’s Chance.” Moreover, she also hosts her own YouTube channel called “Stresh Channel."

Recently Tracey granted an exclusive interview where she discussed her career and more.

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Meagan Meehan (MM): When did your film career kick off, Tracy?

Tracy McNulty (TM): I’ve always wanted to become an actress, and at an early age of twelve I experienced acting in a play for a Christian church where I played Martha…you know the part when Jesus visits the family, and there was Martha always busy cleaning the house! By the year 2009, I co-produced two indie films. Then I produced my own short comedy web series by 2013, and that’s when I started getting calls directly for role offers! I feel so blessed.

MM: And before we go any before – where did the nickname ‘Stresh’ come from?

TM: Stresh is my real Asian name or nickname. My YouTube Channel is Stresh Channel and as well as the personalized plate in my Mercedes!

I prefer to be called Tracey though, but I can receive checks for both names Stresh or Tracey so either work!

MM: Since your beginnings, who have you enjoyed working with the most and had anyone really impressed you?

TM: Baron Jay Littleton because he has trusted me to bring in good people to work with us in this movie. The vision that I want in everything like I want it diverse from the crew to the cast and from wardrobe through the selection of cast which I got personally involved and recommended very competent people.

I also gave my lead role to another actress who I think will be more appealing to our movie considering as a producer not just as an actor. But in the end, my principal role is significant as well because it’s a very comedic situation!

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MM: When did the journey on “The Condo” begin and what is its tone?

TM: It was May 2014 in Burbank of a pizza restaurant, and yes, I was having a slice of cheese pizza and fries that time while holding the script I received from Baron. We come up an idea of putting up a comedy movie with few actor friends. We thought that only ten people would be involved, but we ended up with a cast and crew of nearly one hundred more! I cannot believe it! As for the tone, although there is some action and suspense in this movie overall, it’s comedic and seriously funny.

MM: Tell us about working with James Cullen Bressack on this project?

TM: He is easy to work with and trust us the same way we believe him. This is the first time I’ve worked with James, and I’ve known him for directing horror Movies like “Animal Planet” so I was telling him this would be his first best comedy film ever!

I’m grateful and blessed for him being part of this comedy film he has a vision that a very talented young director can see, feel, and hear...that is all him I think he is a genius. And, yes, all the little things I’ve suggested and my vision came to life, and I’m delighted and forever thankful.

MM: Being a film about men cheating on their spouses, it’s quite a timely movie – isn’t it?

TM: I believe that whatever you decide in your life it’ll come back and haunt you in return. This movie will give you lessons to learn that there will always be consequences. You need to think twice if you plan on cheating someone still watches over you…actually two things: your conscience and God.

MM: What’s your take on everything that’s going down in Hollywood at the moment, with Weinstein, Spacey, etc.?

TM: I’m very thankful for this to come out it has been years, and I’ve seen a lot of actors (both men and women) get sexually abused or harassed and/or met a Weinstein or Spacey power people. I wish a lot more actors would come out and disclose this in the media or maybe just come out on YouTube on their own because if they inform their managers or agents, it is all being taken care of under the table or being brushed off. Other times they don’t want to talk about the abuse because their careers might not go further. Mostly everyone in Hollywood is aware, but we just look the other way and let it go because we’re all busy filming to care. I warned an actress I knew once not to sleep with the director, but she still did.

So, she always did thinking it would make her career, and she thought she’d end up with him--but she didn’t’. My message to young or adult actors and actresses is, please do not let anyone abuse and use you. Let someone know like your family or anyone close to you. Also, if you’re being harassed, try to videotape or record your conversations.

MM: You also associate produced “The Condo” so was it difficult wearing two hats on the movie?

TM: Not really, I enjoyed working hands-on in everything from castings, to props, to costumes. I even had to make sure the makeup department arrived for the day! I worked behind the scenes on photos, helped out with PR and suggested delicious lunch for the day!

It was so much fun and exciting. I’ve learned a lot, so in our next film, I relaxed a bit!

MM: So, what is coming up for you next career-wise?

TM: I have another film coming up titled “Deadly Reunion” with the same director James Cullen Bressack and Baron Jay productions. This is a horror film with a twist! I’ll be filming overseas from December 2017 to February 2018 in Asia, so lots of exciting things are coming up in the future!