The wait is almost over for the miami based band, Blue Ashes comprised of Danish singer Shila Mariposa Zuñiga and Colombian guitarist Alexis Zuñiga. "Fire of Madness" comes at a pivotal moment for the artists who were merely searching to expand their creativity within.

Exceptional vocals and aggressive guitar

The single,"'Fire of Madness" showcases Shila’s exceptional vocals and Alexis aggressive guitars.“We have so much music inside that is so easy to make new songs and hard to decide what nWine Fairy Tales. The album, inspired by the musicians' personal experiences came to life amidst “sharing jamming moments with a cup of wine,” as described by Alexis,

It gave the music a different meaning

The combination consists of rock and pop rhythms, therefore, mixed with English and Danish lyrics, the album highlights the musicians' cultural fusion.

Additionally, for the duo, creativity played a higher role in their lives aside from the music.

Blue Ashes promises an album with its own flavor and music

Blue Ashes was born at a Sunday acoustic jam in Weston, Florida. Both artists have an extensive musical career and have performed in front of massive audiences, touring and recording top radio hits. Shila Mariposa is a former electro-dance singer, who made appearances on the popular TV station MTV and stages like the Club Awards in Denmark.

Mariposa back in the music scene after a break

After taking a break from the music scene once settled in Miami, she is back in the recording studio. On the other hand, Colombian guitar player, Alexis Zuñiga is the currently the lead guitarist of the Miami rock band Ovrhol which he played with the SXSW conference and the infamous Tobacco Road among many other venues.

Likewise, Alexis hit the most popular Colombian radio stations while recording alongside Marrocko with the song “Es mas Facil.” Alexis also contributed to Grammy-nominated artists Periko y Jessy Leon and Mirella Cesa just to name a few.

Duo set to announce album release party

Even though Blue Ashes next show will take place at a private yacht event in Boca Raton, ultimately, the duo is set to announce their album release party.

"Fire of Madness" will be available on all major digital platforms. It is good music with a difference. For release updates and to stay informed, visit Alexis Zuniga website or Blue Ashes YouTube channel for videos and recordings. The official website is coming soon.