Reality TV star Jill Duggar Dillard isn't letting her husband's estrangement from the Duggars' show "Counting On" slow her. After Derick Dillard was let go from TLC over negative comments to a transgender teen, he launched a GoFundMe to raise money to support missionaries. Jill Dillard recently joined her husband in promoting a mission drive. However, the ex "19 Kids and Counting" celebrities' charity work looks very different.

Dillard family struggling after "Counting On" loss

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar's son-in-law was fired from their reality TV show for what TLC perceived as "homophobic" bullying.

Dillard kept pestering "I Am Jazz" teen Jazz Jennings with anti-LGBT comments on Twitter. Now Dillard is without a job after leaving (or being made to leave) the mission field. His Dillard Family Ministries fundraiser is still up, but the bulk of his income came from "Counting On" and "19 Kids and Counting" which Josh Duggar ended with sister molestation and a cheating scandal.

Derick Dillard confuses profiteering with non-profit

The ex "19 Kids and Counting" dad started a $6,000 Pure Charity fundraiser which was pulled for violations. The reality television celebrity styled it as a non-profit mission but planned to use it to pay for his tuition and personal expenses. Derick and Jill collected money as missionaries when neither was trained or church-sanctioned.

When TLC deleted him from "Counting On" he began a similar GoFundMe seeking $10,000. So far, the only donations seem to come to from Duggar Family and fake accounts.

Jill Duggar Dillard puts her money where others' mouths are

A lot of "19 Kids and Counting" fans have wondered where Jill Dillard stands in Derick's debacle. Is she on or off "Counting On?" So far, the new mom has kept mum, but she did emerge on Twitter and Instagram to promote her husband's fundraiser and her own.

This one isn't for personal gain, like Dillard's. It's a Thanksgiving food basket drive at the Dillards' church. She asks for donations of food and encourages folks in need to come out and receive their "Blessings Basket."

Fans and critics respect Duggar's efforts

Even critics of the "19 Kids and Counting" Duggar family support Jill Dillard on the food drive (GoFundMe not so much) Folks have said that this is real Christian missionary work, providing what the Catholic church calls "corporal works of mercy." Thanksgiving food baskets are also spiritual works of mercy. As anyone who has worked in a food pantry knows, connections and friendships made at such holiday outreach endeavors can mean the difference between hope and despair.