Former One Direction member Harry Styles wrapped up his performance for CBS’s Breast Cancer Awareness on Saturday, October 21. His performance – which took place at the Hollywood Bowl – was filled with high energy, noted E! Online. Sunday onwards, Styles began trending on Twitter but not for what skills he showcased at the event. He was trending for what happened during the performance. The report went on to share a video clipping wherein Styles is seen performing and being sexually assaulted by the fans during one of his sets.

What do reports suggest?

According to US Magazine, the singer was performing one of his songs called “Kiwi” when someone allegedly groped him onstage. Someone in the audience recorded the entire incident on their phone. As a part of his set, Styles knelt down and began pumping his arm into his audience while singing. He was quite close to the audience. As he started to stand up, a girl (whose identity remains unknown) is seen reaching out and making a grab for his crotch.

Styles can be seen being visibly disturbed by it in the video. Although, he is quick at swatting the hand away from his private region. He continued his performance but quickly stood up and walked back on stage. The next time he came anywhere close to the audience, he was seen covering his groin using his hand.

This action is a clear indication that he does not want anyone to touch him for the second time. According to Yahoo!, Harry Styles avoided going to that section all throughout his performance. This video went viral among the Twitter audience. Many condemned society for not giving male victims who experience sexual assaults enough importance.

Some of the tweets read that people do not take males as seriously as their female counterparts. In fact, hashtag #RespectHarry began trending on the Twitter.

Reaction from fans

According to TMZ, one fan’s tweet read, “Harry deserves appreciation, support, and respect for us.” The tweet further went on to state that fan should not treat Harry as an object.

Many described the sexual assault incident as being a prime example of how men aren’t given the same respect as women. It is important to note that even females sexually assault men. It is interesting to note how this incident has taken place just a week after the #MeToo hashtag trended on Facebook. Multiple stories of sexual harassment and assault by celebrities in Hollywood emerged in the public in the wake of producer Harvey Weinstein’s sex scandal.