Following media pressure, Disney has lifted the banishment of Los Angeles Times critics' access to film screenings. The movie company started the ban after a story was published by La Times about Anaheim, which they deemed "unfair."

According to what a spokesperson said in a statement, they had productive discussions with the leadership at the Los Angeles Times regarding their concerns and, as a result, they agreed to restore the access to advance screenings for their film critics.

Four critic organizations sent a statement, on November 7, denouncing Disney's actions, and even voting to disqualify the company's movies from the year-end awards' consideration.

The Television Critics Association said that the action taken was punitive.

Journalists across the US announced they wouldn't attend the film screenings until the access was reestablished to the LA Times. One of the concerns raised by the critics was the implication of a powerful media conglomerate that chooses to restrict journalists access, instead of publishing their disagreements with the coverage from the newspaper.


Los Angeles Times published on September 24 an article questioning if Disney is paying its share to the city to have Disneyland there. Especially now that, after 62 years, the giant is facing an opposition from Anaheim politicians, including Mayor Tom Tait.

According to the mayor, the recent guarantees are too much and the city's finances are squeezed for a variety of reasons.

Although Disney brings benefits to Anaheim, some working-class residents said that they don't see enough of an upside.

Disney at the Oscars

Disney has not made their usual "For Your Consideration" page for the 90th Academy Awards yet. However, some critics have chosen a few favorites to compete for a spot at the ceremony, that will take place on March 4 in Los Angeles, with Jimmy Kimmel returning as host.

The main possibility, so far, is "Beauty and the Beast," led by Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, and Luke Evans.The upcoming "Star Wars Episode VIII - The Last Jedi," is also a contender for technical and main categories.

Others that could be selected are the Marvel movies, like "Spider-Man: Homecoming," "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2," and "Thor Ragnarok" for, at least, the technical categories. Also, the animated films like "Cars 3" and "Coco" could end up getting nominated for Best Animation.