The Hollywood Reporter is noting that the latest George Clooney Matt Damon collaboration, “Suburbicon" is crashing and burning at the box-office. The movie, which fetched a devastating review in Breitbart, is set in a 1959 suburb and is directed by Clooney and stars Damon and Julianne Moore. From John Nolte’s review, we can gather, it is a comedy of some sort that once against exposes the sordid, violent underbelly that is flyover country where people live in beautiful houses, with well-manicured lawns and have lives of quiet desperation. An element of race is interjected into the movie when a black family moves in just in time to get blamed for a crime that is committed.

Why George Clooney should stop trying to do high art message movies

Clooney, when he is doing films like “Oceans 11,” shines as the charming rogue. He was certainly likable in “Monuments Men, ” and he almost stole the show from Sandra Bullock in “Gravity.” However, he has demonstrated a tendency to try to stretch himself, which is something he needs to avoid. His tendency to want to make significant movies that have a message to impart, in the case of “Suburbicon” that being “white middle-class people are evil,” should be discouraged.

Damon is an excellent actor when he is given likable roles. His astronaut in “The Martian” is just awe inspiring. He has done great work as the rogue super spy in the Jason Bourne series of movies.

By all accounts, the twisted, demon-haunted Gardner in “Suburbicon” is a very unattractive, unsympathetic character.

Maybe now is not the right time for Hollywood virtue signaling

Suburbicon” is said to come from a 30-year-old idea from the Coen brothers, most famous for “Fargo.” If they had directed the movie, it might have risen a little from its Hollywood virtue signaling material.

As it is, the movie probably would have done terribly under any circumstances, as insulting as it is apparent to the audience. However, the film had the great bad fortune to have been released right in the middle of Harvey-gate when the sordid, underbelly of Hollywood’s rape culture had been exposed to all to see.

Imagine making a movie that tells the audience that they are all pretty much disgusting, deplorable people when the news is filled with stories of powerful men like Harvey Weinstein using the female help like sexbots, to do with them what they will.

Naturally, people are staying away from “Suburbicon” in droves. However, since the movie caters to Tinseltown’s biases, one would not be surprised if it does not rack up a fist full of Oscar nominations.