Julianne Moore, 56, has joined the long list of women who have come forward to share their own experience with James Toback. The "Bugsy" producer is the newest film personality to be accused of sexual harassment and/or assault after Harvey Weinstein.

Since James Toback was exposed to his alleged sexual misconduct toward women a few days ago, more than 200 alleged victims have already spoken out against the director. Among those was Julianne Moore, who claimed that she was approached by the film mogul, in the same manner, he approached these alleged victims.

The issue of sexual abuse in Hollywood

The "Suburbicon" star has refused to provide further details about her encounters with the director since she broke her silence on the issue. Similarly, the movie mogul declined to comment on the new allegations. Like Harvey Weinstein, these claims against James Toback have been going on for decades before he was exposed to his alleged misdeeds.

Most victims suggested that the screenwriter follows a pattern of inviting aspiring actresses to audition before he will make advances toward them. Starr Rinaldi said the director would often ask her to read for him in his hotel room or apartment and would ask how far she would go for her craft.

Adrienne LaValley, on the other hand, claimed James Toback tried to rub himself against her legs during an encounter in 2008.

The actress said she felt like a prostitute after the film mogul performed a disgusting behavior in front of her.

And just like most victims, she refused to tell anyone about the incident due to fear. Louise Post called herself a "gullible" for agreeing to come to the director's apartment three decades ago. Meanwhile, James Toback claimed he has no recollection of these women accusing him of sexual misconduct.

Directors face multiple allegations of sexual assault, harassment

He added it would "biologically impossible" for him to perform such acts described by these alleged victims since he had diabetes and a heart condition that require medication. The "Seduced and Abandoned" screenwriter refused to give further details about this reason.

The ongoing issue of sexual assault in the Hollywood industry was triggered when Harvey Weinstein was accused of sexual assault. The scandal has also stirred up public interest on the issue of sexual abuse towards women.

As a result, celebrities, activists, and ordinary individuals have initiated to start different online campaigns to encourage victims of sexual abuse to speak out and be heard.