Javi Marroquin was there one day and then he wasn't. The "Teen Mom 2" star was very active on social media with his fans and he would live tweet with fans when "Teen Mom 2" was airing on MTV. But it sounds like he had enough one day and decided to remove himself from Twitter. While he kept using SnapChat and Instagram, it sounded like he had enough of Twitter. He deleted his account back in mid-September, but it sounds like he has had a change of heart. Now, about two weeks later, he has decided he wants to come back online.

According to his Twitter account, it appears that Javi Marroquin is back online and he's busy tweeting about some of his upcoming projects.

Just hours after reactivating his account, he started promoting his new book and his upcoming appearance on "marriage boot camp." It's clear that he's struggling to make sense of what people are saying about him on "Teen Mom 2," as he and Kailyn are being cordial with one another. Fans clearly want them to get back together for the kids.

Problems with Vee?

But it sounds like it wasn't Kailyn's fault that he decided to leave Twitter. Based on his last tweets, it was actually the trolls that attack him. Plus, it sounds like he isn't happy with what Vee is saying about Kailyn and Isaac. Vee is the girlfriend of Jo Rivera and she is encouraging Jo to take Lowry to court to get more time with his son.

It sounds like things aren't great between Javi and Vee.

As it turns out, Marroquin may not be happy with the way Vee is interfering with their custody agreement. Javi doesn't have any legal rights to Isaac, but he got permission to bring him to Florida on a family vacation he was taking with Lincoln. Perhaps Vee doesn't get to decide who Javi can spend time with, as she's not the biological mother of Isaac.

Upcoming show and book

It is also possible that Javi Marroquin decided to return to social media because he has a few new projects he has to promote. In less than two weeks, Marroquin will return to reality television, as he and Kailyn Lowry have decided to film "Marriage Boot Camp" to come up with a co-parenting relationship that works for them. In addition, Marroquin and Lowry decided to announce that they had written two books, both tell-all books, to share their sides of their dramatic relationship.

What do you think of Javi Marroquin's decision to return to Twitter? Do you think he returned to the social network because he has to promote a few new products?