Actress and musician Sara Catherine Bellamy makes her feature film debut in a Movie titled “Cold Moon” which is now showing in select theaters and available on VOD across America. “Cold Moon” is a supernatural thriller that was directed by Griff Furst and tells the tale of a young woman who returns from the dead to seek revenge on those who put her in her watery grave.

Via an exclusive interview, Sara recently discussed her journey in the entertainment industry, working with the cast of “Cold Moon,” and where she sees herself in ten years.

Acting, characters, horror, and ghosts

Meagan Meehan (MM): What inspired you to become an actress and what landed you the “big break”?

Sara Catherine Bellamy (SCB): I think I was born to do this, as far back as I can remember my goal was to get inside the television; that was the way I looked at it as a five-year-old! My mind was always sitting in front of the TV so curious onto how all these people got in there, so I was always trying to scene my way in, haha. Wow, and now I can see myself on the big screen, which is pretty cool. Meeting Griff First at such a young age, and have him being my first acting coach, was certainly one way that I found my “big break.” Griff is the person who actually thought of me for the “Cold Moon” role early on.

MM: Did anyone or anything inspire your performance as Margaret?

SCB: Having Rachele Brooke Smith on set with me, I really wanted to impress her since I’ve always looked up to her.

MM: What most interested you about the “Cold Moon” role and the story-line?

SCB: The fact that there were two sides to this character, not only did I get to play sweet little innocent Margaret, but I got also to play the complete opposite which was so much fun.

I loved that the character was so raw being that I was so new to all of this. The whole old-school horror theme of the story-line really blew me away because I’m such an old-school junkie, I was born in the wrong era, ha.

MM: Can you tell us about Margaret, your character, and what drew you to her?

SCB: What really drew me towards her at first was the fact that she was a little southern girl whose family owned a farm.

Being that I’m from Louisiana, and my dad is a farmer, it made it so easy to really put myself in her shoes as the “sweet southern teen” I also love the fact that I get to take power away from the film as Margret transforms into a ghost, it really challenged me, and that’s what drives me to work hard, a challenge.

MM: How did you prepare yourself for the role and get inside the character’s head?

SCB: Thanks to Griff First he helped me with this, continuing to remind me to put myself on a personal/emotional experience and export it into this character throughout the movie. Emphasizing my southern accent took a big toll when it came to preparing, as well as just keeping in mind that it was a story and not real life, because being only sixteen when I filmed this, it was kind of eerie for me to think that’d id be put in a coffin and having a funeral.

That said, it was also SO much FUN!

Special effects, scenes, and advice

MM: Was it difficult to play a ghost and what was the makeup/special effects process like?

SCB: Playing a ghost isn’t easy, I’ll say that haha. Although it was a blast, it wasn’t too comfortable. Prosthetics became my new best friend, but not the mirror! I walked around with tubes of water and mud in my dress and my wig for hours, it was hard work, but I chose to commit and forever will. If you’ve seen the movie, you’ll notice how outstanding the makeup artists did, people often ask “was that you, or did they computerize that?” Nope, that was me!

MM: What is your favorite “Cold Moon” scene?

SCB: Oh gosh, that’s such a hard question!

I would have to say my favorite scene was probably the “imaginary wedding scene” because ever since I was a little girl my dream was to put on a wedding dress and just smile down the aisle and look pretty, and since the movie was old school, all the wardrobe was so vintage. It was also nice to have the whole cast be a part of that scene with me as well as everyone in the church.

MM: Can you tell us about your co-stars and if anyone left a mighty impression?

SCB: Everything I did and everyone I worked with left a lasting impression! What I could say most about this though was what great people they were, how professional they were, and they all took me in like their own. It was very real; I miss them more than filming at times.

MM: From a career perspective, where do you see yourself in ten years and what advice do you have for others who are seeking to enter the industry?

SCB: Definitely on the screen, inspiring others, touring with my music, and being able to use my own money to work with kids in less fortunate countries to bring the arts to them. My advice is never to give up, stay patient and grounded, your faith will always carry you through.