Last week’s episode of Dragon Ball Super” left off with the revelation of a huge game-changer in the Tournament of Power. It has been confirmed that Kale and Caulifla will be using Potara Earrings to merge and introduce their fusion form called Kefura/Kafla.

The appearance of the earrings had gotten fans confused simply because the tournament initially stated that fighters were not allowed to use items or weapons. However, given how things have panned out in the Universe Survival Saga arc, there’s a huge possibility that the Omni King will allow the fusion using the Potara Earrings despite the rules.

Universe 6 Saiyans introduce Kefura

The new preview for Dragon Ball Super” Episode 114 gave fans a first look at the newly merged warrior. Kefura otherwise referred to as Kafla. Kefura is the upcoming fusion between Team Universe 6’s female Saiyans, Kale, and Caulifla. The anime series has been building the hype around the birth of a new warrior for weeks.

Before the Potarra Earrings were confirmed, the news sparked a lot of theories that other warriors might also resort to fusion, but through fusion techniques that didn’t require items. The Namekians had the innate ability to merge, and Goku and Vegeta could merge into Gogeta with the Fusion Dance. Gogeta wasn’t canon, but “Dragon Ball Super” had already made some few things canon like Broly and the legendary Super Saiyan, so hoping for Gogeta to appear wasn’t a far-fetched idea.

Apparently, Universe 6’s God of Destruction, Champa had something to do with Kale and Caulifla’s fusion. Official updates and spoilers from Shounen Weekly Jump revealed that the fusion was their secret plan. This verified what Cabba said in the previous episode, where he referred to the two female Saiyans as their secret weapon.

Will the Omni King allow the Potara Earrings?

Now that the Potara Earrings are definitely going to show up in the Tournament of Power, there’s a huge possibility that the Omni King will let it slide. The battle royal had rules, but there were exceptions, just like that time when Zen-Oh allowed Master Roshi to use a jar to complete his Evil Wave Containment technique.

The Omni King’s sole purpose of holding the Tournament of Power was to have an interesting event that would give him an excuse to annihilate universes. In the manga, he almost canceled the tournament simply because he thought a battle royal between the gods would be boring. Goku convinced Zen-Oh that a Tournament of Power between mortals would be far from boring because mortal warriors from various universes would be struggling to survive a death match.

The bottom line is, even with the rules, Zen-Oh always have the last say, and he’ll most likely allow the Potara Earrings, simply because he wants to see an interesting match. The Omni King may be the king of all who oversees the universes, but he’s still a naïve kid at heart, who would rather bend the rules to see a good show than to stick with the rules. Besides, the Grand Priest most likely came up with the rules, and Zen-Oh just rode with it, but if the latter wanted to, he could always change any part of the Tournament of Power any time.