Alyssa Milano is using her influence for a good cause! On Sunday, the "Mistresses" star started the campaign "Me Too" in hopes to encourage victims of sexual assault and/or harassment to come forward and share their own stories in order to shed some light and raise the public's awareness on the issue.

"If you’ve been sexually harassed or assaulted write "me too" as a reply to this tweet," she wrote.

Actress starts social media rally on the issue of sexual assault

Alyssa Milano initiated a reply to her own tweet, suggesting that she was also a victim of sexual misconduct.

The campaign drew over 13,000 retweets, 26,000 favorites, and more than 36,000 comments since it started over the weekend.

The online rally has inspired some people to share their own stories of sexual assault, while others gave their encouraging words to uplift these victims from the horror they have experienced. "Sorry to hear this. No woman should have to deal with that," a commenter said.

Another one replied to her tweet, "Bravo. Our most important job as parents is to teach our children how to be good people. I wish more people took it more seriously."

Aside from the "Me Too" campaign, the mother of two also wrote a lengthy blog post to respond to the ongoing issue of Harvey Weinstein's sexual assault allegations.

Alyssa Milano said she is "sickened and angered" over the scandal, but at the same time ecstatic that the controversy has raised the public's interest on the issue of sexual harassment, objectification, and degradation of women.

Producer faces multiple allegations of sexual assault

The actress also commended the alleged victims of Harvey Weinstein who have spoken out against the producer for his decades-long sexual misconducts.

She added that their courage will inspire other sexual assault victims to come forward and free themselves from the traumatic experience.

Alyssa Milano also explained her reason for keeping a tight-lipped on the issue after the producer was exposed to his alleged misdeeds two weeks ago. "Georgina Chapman is my friend," she said.

"Harvey and Georgina also have two very young children who my children have known their entire lives."

She clarified that her silence on the issue has nothing to do with anything other than her love and respect for Harvey Weinstein's wife and children. The actress also reassured that she will continue to fight for women's rights and will keep striving to deal with the issues of sexual assault and harassment.