Tyler Baltierra had just wrapped another season of "Teen Mom OG" and he decided it was time to buy another house. On the season finale of the show, Tyler put in an offer on a home that he found to be just perfect for himself and his wife. He learned that their offer had been accepted, even though they hadn't seen the inside of the home. Baltierra saw himself at the home with his wife and his daughter, as they had started to add more animals to their family. With chickens and ducks, they needed more space.

Perhaps Tyler bought the home because he sees himself growing his family with his wife.

Of course, the "Teen Mom OG" couple gave up their first-born daughter for adoption, which is why they were featured on the show. MTV wanted to show what it is like to give up a child for adoption, especially when it comes to the emotions they are dealing with after their decision. They chose to have another baby and they have Nova Reign. According to a new tweet, Tyler Baltierra may be thinking about another baby, as he recently shared a retweet from a fan, who wished that they would have more children.

Retweeting for more kids

Perhaps Tyler Baltierra is sending a message with his tweet, as he could be thinking about having more children with his wife. It's no secret that he adores his baby girl, but he may be worried about postpartum depression and he may be concerned that Catelynn Lowell won't be able to bounce back.

Over the period where she's filmed "Teen Mom OG," she has revealed that it has been tough to get out of bed some days.

However, their fans are super excited about their family and they all love watching little Nova on the show.

Now that she's a toddler, Tyler Baltierra may be thinking about having another baby to give Nova a sibling to play with.

Renovating new home

In addition to the baby news, Tyler Baltierra is currently busy renovating his Dream Home. The home the two bought together on the season finale of "Teen Mom OG" has turned into their dream home.

Catelynn has said that it is their forever home and they have no plans on moving again. They want to make it perfect for them, as they continue to grow their business and get new leads on an opportunity. After writing a book and filming a spin-off for MTV, it sounds like these two have plenty of opportunities ahead of them.

What do you think about Tyler Baltierra's decision to retweet a message that asks him for more babies? Do you think these two should have another child?