Troy Gentry (50), a member of a country music duo Montgomery Gentry, died in a helicopter crash when he was going to his concert on September 8, in Medford, N.J. The news was announced on the official website of the duo, New York Time reported. The crash of a Schweitzer 269 helicopter happened at about 12:40 p.m. in the area of a runway at the Flying W Airport in Medford.

The details of the incident

Police received a distress call, and emergency crews visited the scene. The Medford Police Department stated that there was one more person on board.

James Evan Robinson (30) from Meigs, Georgia, was the pilot of the helicopter. He worked at a flight school at the airport. He called the airport right before the tragedy. The pilot died at the scene, and Troy Gentry died after being taken to Virtua Marlton Hospital. Emergency workers worked for hours to remove his body from the wreckage.

According to CBS News, the helicopter fell in a wooded area. The band's website said that there were no details of the crash and the information about the trip purpose. It added that Gentry's family asks for privacy these days. The investigation related to the cause of the incident is still underway.

Montgomery Gentry: achievements and fame

Montgomery Gentry duo was going to perform in a concert at the Flying W Airport's resort.

Eddie Montgomery, his partner from the duo, and the staff of the band were at the airport when the incident happened. They went to the hospital to see Gentry.

Troy Gentry was born in 1967, in Lexington, Kentucky. He met Eddie Montgomery in his native place. They were known as Montgomery Gentry duo, playing a mixture of country music with Southern rock.

They launched their first album "Tattoos & Scars" in 1999. Some of their platinum albums including "My Town," "Something to Be Proud Of" and "If You Ever Stop Loving Me" were most famous. The duo also headed Top 40 on the pop charts several times. They won various awards in the country music genre and had fans of different ages around the world.

On the official website of the duo, Gentry wrote that “We didn’t want to be an overnight success like acts that have one or two hits and then go away,” adding that, like other long-popular singers, they wanted to play their music for long. On social media, numerous fans, friends, colleagues and famous people like Sheryl Crow and Brad Paisley paid tribute to Gentry and expressed their sorrow.