thomas d'agostino probably didn't want to get married when he proposed to luann de lesseps. Even though Luann was thrilled about the wedding, one can imagine that Thomas had other things in mind. While he may have wanted a steady partner, he also wanted other relationships and have the freedom to hook up with whoever he wanted to. He clearly wanted an open marriage, where he always had someone to come home to at night. The only problem was that he never told Luann these feelings while filming "The Real Housewives of New York." However, fans quickly grew skeptical of Missy, an ex-girlfriend.

It didn't take Thomas long to hit up Missy after filing for divorce. The two were spotted having dinner in New York City just days after they had filed for divorce in Sag Habor. Luann had jumped on a plane to Switzerland to recover from the fact that her marriage was now over. According to a new tweet, Thomas D'Agostino has been spotted again with D'Agostino and one has to wonder if they are now official.

Dating already?

It may be hard for Luann to realize, but D'Agostino may already be back in the dating game. Many fans may question if he ever truly left his bachelor lifestyle behind. It is clear that he loves the attention of women and Luann wasn't enough to satisfy his cravings. On the season finale of "The Real Housewives of New York," D'Agostino told Missy that he essentially still had feelings for her and he had to remove his microphone to dish details about the previous time they saw one another.

Of course, people are also wondering why Missy would knowingly hook up with a man who wants to cheat on his wife. Perhaps she just wants him to herself, but doesn't realize he isn't worth marrying.

Or perhaps she herself likes to date openly and has several guys available to date when she wants to. Little is known about Missy, but one can imagine Luann doesn't want anything to do with her.

Luann to speak out

Tomorrow night, Luann de Lesseps will speak out to Andy Cohen about her failed marriage to Thomas. The interview, which was filmed a few months ago, will explore why de Lesseps decided that the marriage needed to end.

She is clearly heartbroken about not making it work, but she's ready to tell her side of the story. One can imagine she will reveal whether he did indeed cheat on her while married.

What do you think of Thomas D'Agostino already being spotted with Missy? Are you surprised these two are spending so much time together?